Who Is Shilpa Nag? Mysuru City Corporation Chief In News For Quitting IAS

Shilpa Nag, Who is Shilpa Nag
Who is Shilpa Nag: Karnataka IAS officer and Mysuru City Corporation Commissioner Shilpa Nag has handed in her resignation from the office due to alleged harassment from Deputy Commissioner, Rohini Sindhuri. “No district or city should have such an officer,” said Nag in a media conference.

IAS officer Shilpa Nag convened an emergency media conference after her sudden resignation. In the conference, she alleged that she has faced harassment and humiliation from the Deputy Commissioner, Rohini Sindhuri.

Nag went on to say that she has had enough of the harassment and she decided to resign with utmost sorrow. “ I have no mental peace, no proper sleep and food for the past one week. I have had enough. I have taken the decision with utmost sorrow. I have written to the Chief Secretary in this regard,” she said.

Nag said that DC Sindhuri has been humiliating the staff and also threatened them. “One should not put the district or city at stake for one’s pride. No district or city should have such an officer. She has been humiliating MCC staff and has threatened to suspend them” she said.

The incident has also come to the notice of Mysuru district in-charge minister S.T. Somashekar. The minister said that the Karnataka government will not accept Nag’s resignation. He assured that he will be meeting Nag on June 4.

Who Is Shilpa Nag?

  • Shilpa Nag is a Karnataka IAS officer of 2014 batch. She took over as Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner in February this year.
  • Nag has been praised for her various initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. While speaking to the media in Bengaluru, Minister S.T. Somashekar also mentioned how Shilpa Nag has done a really good job in her field.
  • Nag initiated house-to-house health surveys, vaccination for street vendors, distributing condolences to deceased employees’ families and also set up COVID Care Centres in the state during second wave of the pandemic.
  • The MCC Commissioner recently handed in her resignation from the office after stating that Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri is to be blamed for the situation.
  • Nag said that Sindhuri should directly confront her instead of targeting other officials who have been working day and night and making everyone miserable.
  • However, Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri accused Nag of failing to set up COVID Care Centres and said CSR funds meant for the whole district were spent entirely on the MCC. “Seeking clarification does not amount to harassment,” she said.