What Makes Online Mommy Groups So Popular?

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Motherhood can be a tumultuous journey. Mothers, all across the world, would agree that taking the onus of nurturing another life is a Herculean task. The advent of technology, however, is a great boon for mothers looking out for some kind of help with parenting.

There are an umpteen virtual groups run by mothers that aim at assisting mothers throughout their motherhood journey. SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Neela Kaushik, Founder of Gurgaon Moms, about the significance these virtual groups hold in mothers’ lives.

She says,”Online groups help moms connect with each other on various issues. It allows them to create circles of friendship around topics of interest. It offers the members the opportunity to ask away their doubts, to seek opinions or reviews. It also offers avenues for moms to express, share their opinions and even share on topics of their expertise.”

Focussing on the huge network of moms that gets created, she adds that such groups give moms the confidence that they are not alone and can go onto to become an effective support structure or a helpline.

“Mommy communities essentially help us feel less lonely.”-Ruchita

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“For generations, new moms mostly lived near their own mothers or with their mothers in law and it was to them, they turned to find the right answer to most of their queries related to children. Our generation has lost that village thanks to nuclear families and sometimes because many of us move cities and live far away from their families. — And quite often, there’s nobody close by to help with our constant parenting issues.”, shares First Moms Club Founder, Ruchita Dar Shah while contrasting the parenting model that existed earlier with the modern parenting methods mothers are adopting now.


Ruchita admits that the virtual group catering to mothers is the new village where advice on different issues can be sought. “Mommy groups help us find our own tribe. It helps moms connect with moms just like them. To seek non-judgmental advice, share experiences and learn from each other. Because becoming a mother, especially for the first time, can be hard, and without the right support system, it can sometimes be unbelievably isolating.”

Mommy communities essentially help us feel less lonely,” she sums up.

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Besides helping each other out with parenting issues, these virtual groups organise a gamut of activities to keep the members engaged.

“Creating discussions around topics of interest, mooting healthy debates, online contests, acknowledging and rewarding members, monthly meetings are some activities we organise frequently”, says Neela Kaushik.

Garima Dixit, PeopleSoft Business Tech Analyst, is a part of one such group for mothers. Talking about her experience, she says,”These groups are really helping mothers to stay social where they can get support, give support and enjoy the beauty of motherhood and womanhood.”

So, which group are you a part of?

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