West Bengal: Woman Writes Board Exam From Hospital After Delivering Baby

Hazra got married in 2020 to a farmer. Her pregnancy didn't stop her from continuing her education and giving exams.

Charvi Kathuria
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Woman Writes Board Exam From Hospital
Woman Writes Board Exam From Hospital: This heart-warming story of a woman in West Bengal's Malda district will reaffirm your faith in the power of a woman. Hazra Khatoon gave her class 10 board exams from the hospital bed after delivering a child. She had initially gone to Goalpara High School in Chanchal on 7th March 2022. She went into labor pain while writing the exam.

That's when she was rushed to Chanchal Super Specialty Hospital where she delivered a child. Post-delivery, she wrote the remaining exam from the hospital bed.

Hazra got married in 2020 to a farmer. Her pregnancy didn't stop her from continuing her education and giving exams, as per a report.

This is not the first time an Indian woman has stunned everyone with her determination. In Gujarat, a woman was in news for taking her exam on her wedding day. She prioritised her education. According to her, marriage could wait but her exams couldn't.

She arrived at the examination center in her wedding attire with the intent of writing her paper before tying the knot. Interestingly, the groom supported her and even accompanied her to exam hall where she wrote her paper for the fifth-semester exam for a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

Centenarian Kerala woman Kuttiyamma surprised everyone by scoring 89 percent in Kerala state’s basic literacy exam in 2021. It was her zeal to learn that compelled her to give the exams and score good marks.

She was congratulated by State Education Minister V Sivankutty for proving to everyone that age is no hurdle in making in education. “If there is a mind to achieve goals, age is just a number,” the minister added.


As the world celebrates International Women's Day today, it is heartening to see Indian women leaving no stone unturned to fulfil their dreams and not letting nay obstacle come their way.

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