Viral Video: Man Proposes A Woman At Her Father’s Funeral; Internet Divided

Viral Video Funeral Proposal
When Rahul Raichand married Anjali on the day of her father’s funeral in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, everyone laughed it off even if it felt odd. A bizarre event of a man proposing to a woman at her father’s funeral has gone viral.

A South African woman was in an icky situation recently. A man, who reportedly was a pastor, proposed marriage to her when they were mere feet away from her father’s coffin. The video of the proposal has garnered millions of views since it was first posted on Tik Tok nearly a week ago.

The video was shared with the caption, “Proposing [to] the deceased’s daughter right at the funeral. Wiping the tears there and there.” While another person shared the video on Twitter asking, “Would you say Yes?”

Viral Video Funeral Proposal

In the video, the woman is visibly devastated and sobbing in the front row near her father’s coffin when the man knelt in front of her with a mic and popped the question. The video ends with the pastor putting the ring on the woman’s finger, which she apparently accepts.

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While some reports suggest that the man was dating the unnamed daughter who had initially planned to propose to her in presence of her parents. While some reports state that he was a pastor who was presiding over the service and had asked for her hand in marriage in order to help her heal her broken heart and hoped that it would help her come to terms with her father’s passing.

The Internet is divided over his gesture. Many users left disapproving comments below the Twitter and original Tik Tok post and criticised the pastor. One aghast user wrote, “This here is WRONG..No matter how you can try and justify it.”

“Timing is off,” criticized another; meanwhile a user said that the mid memorial marriage proposal is “pure disrespect at all levels.” A user expressed disdain for the pastor and said, “This is not on at all. Attention seeking. Couldn’t he wait…like seriously?”

However, others flocked to the pastor’s defence. One sympathizer said that the man was just trying to create memories; while another noted, “That’s him saying you may [have] lost a parent but I’ll be with you to get through this; [I] Ain’t going anywhere; that’s love, guys.”

Some theorised, “Maybe [his] wish was to propose while the father or mother was still alive.”