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Viral Video: Bizarre Scene From Hindi Daily Soap Goes Viral, Twitter Reacts

Divya Drishti Clip
Divya Drishti Clip: Don’t you wonder how the characters of daily soap can be as fast as Flash or slower than a snail? The female protagonist can always end up hurting herself grievously because of small incidents. The best-case scenario: the female lead will injure herself and fall and their partner just about arrive in time to save them.

What once required our suspension of belief has now become a monotonous routine to see jarring transitions on television serials across India. It was not creative enough to see shape-shifting snakes or a woman turning into a fly hence we are pushing the boundaries and now defying all the basics of physics as well.

A Twitter user shared a clip from a daily soap where a woman falls from the balcony in slow motion meanwhile her husband rushes to her rescue. He dashes down the stairs while the dear partner stays suspended in the air until her husband arrives to rescue her.

The clip since it was shared on Twitter has been shared by many people who are coming with hilarious reactions to the scene. A user lamented that Tamil and Telugu films are bashed unnecessarily when Hindi daily soaps exaggerate scenes to a greater extent. Meanwhile, another user decided it was time to go into self-imposed exile.

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Guess what, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The clip is from a daily soap which is as ridiculous if not more. Starring Sana Syyed, Nyra Banerjee, Adhwik Mahajan, Mishkat Varma and others, this serial is a supernatural drama television series called Divya-Drishti (Divine Sight). The series revolves around two twin sisters who have supernatural powers to see and change the future named Divya and Drishti.

Last year, the daily soap Sasural Simar Ka, which went off the air in 2018, inspired a new meme trend after its yet another logic-defying stint with a slap. The video showed Shweta Sinha apologising to Jayati Bhatia’s Mataji in the show and asking for forgiveness while the latter cannot even be bothered to look at her.

Sinha’s character grabs onto Bhatia’s shawl while kneeling and in the process, she gets it wrapped around her neck and begins choking as the older woman keeps tugging at the shawl.

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