15-Year-Old Girl Cycled 24 Km Every Day To School, Gets 98.5 Percent In Tenth Board

"I want to join the IAS. I want to be a collector. I am told that a collector can do a lot of good work," says Roshni.

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Roshni Bhadouriya, who hails from a village in Madhya Pradesh's Bhind district, has scored 98.5 percent in the State Board Class 10 exams. Standing eighth on the merit list, Roshni would cycle to school in Mehgaon town (12 km away from her home) and back, every day.


Her proud father, Purushottam Bhadouriya, 36, said, "All my children are good students, but this girl has made everyone proud. No one in these parts has ever scored such high marks. Of course, I want her to continue studying. I want to see her get big degrees and work in big firms in big cities.”

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Roshni's father is a farmer in the village, reported TOI. The very dedicated 15-year-old braved the regions notorious summer heat and even rains to attend school. Some days she couldn’t reach her home back because of heavy rain. “I would have to spend the night at the house of my relative. Sometimes, it would be days before I could get back home,” she told ANI.

I was given a bicycle by the government which I used well. I used to study around four and half hours everyday.

What You Should Know

  • A 15-year-old girl from a village in MP's Bhind district would cycle to school to Mehgaon town 12 km away, every day.
  • She has scored 98.5 percent in the state board Class 10 exams.
  • Roshni's father, Purushottam Bhadouriya,  is a farmer.

The farmer's daughter has scored a perfect 100 in both Mathematics and Science while she got 96 in English.

Roshni wants to be a collector

When asked about her ambitions, the confident girl said, “I want to join the IAS. I want to be a collector. I am told that a collector can do a lot of good work. I don’t know much about it, but I’d like to be a collector and bring change."

Speaking about her preparations for the board exams, Roshni said, “I was always attentive in class and focused on writing exactly what I had learned. I am thrilled to get such high marks. I want to clear the IAS exam so my father and I have decided to opt for mathematics in Class 11.”

I want to join the IAS. I want to be a collector. I am told that a collector can do a lot of good work.

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Growing up with two brothers - one in Class 12 and another one in Class four - Roshni had to face financial challenges but never failed to dream big. Her father has four acres of land and for him, it becomes a challenge sometimes to send his three children to school. But Roshini said she has her father's full support and that it's his determination that helped her pay full attention to her studies.

It is tough with three children in today’s world, but I will not let my family have any problem,” he said. “Besides, my kids are tough too."

Her mother, Sarita Bhadouriya, supporting her daughter's decision said she is proud and wants to see her becoming an IAS officer.

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