Wrongly Interpreted: Uttarakhand CM’s Wife On Ripped Jeans Remarks

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Uttarakhand CM wife defends him on ripped jeans remarks: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat is receiving flak online for his controversial “ripped jeans” remarks. “Kyanchi se sanskaar (culture by scissors) — showing bare knees, wearing ripped denim and looking like rich kids — these are the values being given now,” he said during an event. Claiming that her husband’s words were “blown out of context” and “wrongly interpreted”, Rawat’s wife, professor Rashmi Tyagi, said that he was making a point against western culture.

“He was talking about how we are aping western culture blindly and not following our own traditions and values which are seeped with thousands of years of cultural wisdom. But his one word was picked up and blown out of context and wrongly interpreted. He spoke for nearly one hour, but nobody talks about the whole theme he was trying to focus on. Did he say only one word-jeans?” asked Tyagi, who teaches psychology at Garhwal University, Hindustan Times reported.

While attending an event recently, CM Rawat said that wearing “ripped jeans ” paves the way for societal breakdown and is a result of the “bad example” parents set for children. Read all about ripped jeans remarks here

Defending her husband further, Tyagi said, “My husband was saying that our food and dress should be in tune with the local culture and aping Western culture blindly was not the right thing. It is our moral responsibility to keep alive our culture and traditions.”

Claiming that he is a big supporter of women-related issues, Tyagi added that Rawat has a “progressive and mature outlook. He has reached this point because of his positive behaviour with people, with party cadre. He works in accordance with the sentiments of people and takes a lot of care about what people feel about various issues.”

Rawat’s comment led women, from politicians to celebrities, to start the #RippedJeansTwitter challenge, in which people are posting pictures wearing distressed denims.

Among the members of Parliament Jaya Bachchan and Mahua Moitra on Thursday criticised Rawat for his statement. Bachchan told ANI that Rawat’s comments reflected a bad mindset and encouraged crimes against women. “Such statements don’t befit a CM,” she added. “Those in higher posts must think and make public statements. You say such things in today’s times, you’ll decide who’s cultured and who’s not based on clothes?

Meanwhile, Moitra said, “Mr chief minister, when we look at you, we see a shameless man everywhere,” she tweeted, adding “You run a state. Is your brain torn?”

Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi tweeted, “The country’s ‘sanskriti’ and ‘sanskaar’ [culture and values] are impacted by men who sit and judge women and their choices. Change your thinking chief minister ji, only then will the country change.”

Congress Party leader Priyanka Gandhi too tweeted using the trending hashtag

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