US Woman Helps Protect Over 1,000 Kids Of Deported Migrants

children deported migrants

Nora Sandigo has helped protect more than 1,000 children of migrants who may be deported from the US. She is popularly known as “Mama Warrior”.

Nora is helping care for 1,250 children. Migrant parents have given her power of attorney so she can care for them even if they are detained or deported. She is helping the kids pursue legal residency and travel abroad to visit their families

“I love the children. I wanted to have many kids,” said Nora. “No one is paying attention to them. And that is so sad that it’s painful.”

According to the Associated Press, many of the kids hang out in her home, which has become a sanctuary. Some even stay with her.

Nora herself had fled Nicaragua as a teenager and had come to the United States. She became a citizen in 1996 and since then has been inspired to help fellow migrants.

“It hit me: Wake up, Nora. You need to do something for these people because they’re coming to you, they believe in what you’re doing,” she said.

One of the teenagers she is caring for stays with her after his parents were deported back to India.

“She is my mom,” he said. “It’s surprising to see somebody who works this hard and cares so much about other people and is just so giving.”

No. of kids coming to Nora has risen 40% in the past year 

The number of children she cares for has risen after President Donald came to power. The number of kids has risen 40 per cent in the past 12 months.

She raised money to care for the children through the Nora Sandigo Children Foundation and from the businesses she and her husband run together. They run a plant nursery and an elderly care home. 

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