In Latest Twitter Trend, Netizens Compare Cultures Of US & India: The Results Are Hilarious

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In a bid to begin the new year on a note of light hilarity, Twitter users have found their way around to a viral trend that seeks to compare American and Indian cultures. Needless to say, the trend has evoked some hilarious reactions, with netizens digging into caveats that often go missed. From comparing desi parents to Western ones and desi romances to Hollywood romcoms, Twitterati is having a field day.

While the aim of this Twitter trend is to emphasise the differences inherent in the two cultures, one finds that the memes that come out of it end up making sharp satirical observations about ourselves and our habits, which may not always keep up with the ways of the world.

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Social Media Has A Field Day With The US Versus India Trend

We rounded up the best memes from the US v/s India trend for you:

How many of you women were faced with an unscheduled quiz upon professing your love for sports in recent weeks? Because the idea of a female football fanatic is just so fantastical, isn’t it?

Since desi culture transcends boundaries to span a large chunk of South Asia, this Twitter user aptly brought out the incessant Indian and Pakistani obsession with using euphemisms for love.


This user made a grand draw of comparing two television characters that reign the screen in US and India respectively.

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The answer to marital troubles?

India’s ever-persistent denial of mental health issues summed up neatly by a Twitter trend.

Oh, the ol’ endearing Indian naivete!

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Other Viral Twitter Trends

A few weeks ago, Twitter reignited its infamous #SareeTwitter trend, one of its most beloved, wherein people flaunt their beautiful nine yards in pretty jewellery and make-up. This time around, their drapes added pops of colour to the dullness of the year gone by.

Last year, Twitter had found a way to keep itself entertained amidst the pandemic. Users shared throwback pictures of themselves from January 2020 when they were blissfully unaware of the curse of the coronavirus quarantine. The challenge read, “A photo of you in January 2020 without imagining what was to come.” Read more on it here.

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