UP Horror : 5-Year-Old Gangraped By Three Minor Boys

A 5-year-old gangraped case has been taken up promptly by the UP Police as they have arrested the three minor boys who are accused of the crime

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5-Year-Old Gangraped Case: A 5-year-old girl playing outside her house in Kushinagar was allegedly dragged and raped by three minor boys. The accused shot the video of the crime on a mobile phone.

Trigger Warning: This article has content that can be disturbing for some readers as it contains graphic details.

A 5-year-old girl living with her family in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh was reportedly playing outside her house. She was allegedly dragged by three minor boys. They took the girl to a secluded location. The three boys then took turns in sexually assaulting the 5-year-old and also filmed the obscene act with a mobile phone camera owned by one of the accused.

The incident came to light after the family of the 5-year-old girl filed a complaint in the local Police station on Monday. After this, there was a protest demanding strict action against the three accused. Additional Superintendent of Police, Ayodhya Prasad Singh met with them and assured the protestors of prompt action in the 5-year-old gangraped case.

Ayodhya Prasad Singh, said in his statement that the three minor boys were detained by them and were produced before the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Board, following which, they were sent to a correctional home.

Similar Case

In another case, a woman from UP was gangraped in front of her husband. The couple, a 19-year-old wife and her husband was travelling to a relative's house on a bike on a road adjoining a forest in Agra on the occasion of Holi.

The couple was allegedly stopped by a group of three men Gauri Rajput, Monu and one other. The husband was brutally beaten by the three and his wife was gangraped in front of him, according to reports. The couple was then allegedly looted of their valuables by the accused. They also reportedly threatened the rape survivor to not file a complaint.

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