Uttar Pradesh CM Flags Off 51 Buses Operated Exclusively By Women

“There could not be a more appropriate occasion than ‘Maha Ashtami’ to launch Mission Mahila Sarathi. The initiative seeks to connect and empower women drivers and conductors,” said CM Yogi Adityanath emphasising the safety, self-reliance and respect of women

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, during his visit to Ayodhya on 'Maha Ashtami,' flagged off 51 buses operated by the state transport corporation, and what makes this event truly unique is the fact that these buses will be driven and conducted by women. 


This exceptional initiative, known as "Mission Mahila Sarathi," is not just about transportation; it carries the spirit of change, where women are at the forefront, ensuring their dignity and empowerment in every role they undertake.

On the sacred day of 'Maha Ashtami,' the Chief Minister reaffirmed his commitment to women's dignity and safety by intertwining it with the launch of "Mission Mahila Sarathi." The Chief Minister emphasised that the state government is resolutely dedicated to promoting safety, respect, and self-reliance for women. This noble endeavour is a crucial part of the fourth phase of "Mission Shakti."

Breaking Stereotypes: Women Behind the Wheel

The introduction of women drivers and conductors in the Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation is a resounding response to outdated stereotypes and misconceptions about women's capabilities. Chief Minister Adityanath's leadership boldly proclaims that there are no boundaries to what women can achieve. The 51 newly inaugurated buses are a testament to the fact that women can excel in any field they choose.


Employment for 'Daughters'

The employment opportunities created for women in Uttar Pradesh extend far beyond these new buses. The  Chief Minister proudly stated that more than 1.5 lakh "daughters" have already found employment in various government departments, including the Uttar Pradesh Police. What's more, in addition to being bus drivers, daughters have now taken to the skies as fighter pilots, underscoring a resounding positive change in the state's approach to gender roles.  This not only exemplifies the changing landscape but also the incredible potential that exists when women are given equal opportunities.

Pooja Prajapati's Remarkable Journey as Gorakhpur's First Electric Bus Driver

The seeds of this remarkable initiative might have been sown by a young girl who left a lasting impression on the Chief Minister. In 2021, Pooja, the first-ever electric bus driver in Gorakhpur, had her moment of glory when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took a 15-minute journey aboard the newly inaugurated electric bus. Her exceptional driving skills did not go unnoticed, as the CM took to Twitter to praise her achievements.


Pooja, the youngest daughter of Bechan, etched her name in history as the first electric bus driver in Gorakhpur. Her journey commenced when she took the wheel of an electric bus during trials in Gorakhpur on December 7, 2021.  But for Pooja, this remarkable feat was just a stepping stone in her grand dreams. Her aspirations reach even higher as she envisions soaring through the skies, piloting fighter planes for her beloved country. Her vision also extends to opening a driving academy exclusively for girls, where she plans to offer free driving classes to those facing financial constraints.

As these incredible women steer the wheels of these buses, they are not merely transporting passengers; they are also driving progress and the vision of a brighter, more equal future for all in the state.

"Mission Mahila Sarathi" heralds a new dawn for the women of Uttar Pradesh, reinforcing the belief that they can not only be equal contributors to society but can also excel in traditionally male-dominated roles. This isn't just a change in transport; it's a change in the narrative of women's capabilities.

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