India Trolls And How: Does it begin with normal and regular jokes during childhood?

India Trolls And What They Are After

Trolling has been a visible phenomenon in the past decade. Earlier, trolls and memes were nowhere to be seen. With the increasing usage of social media networks and the associated anonymity associated with it has led to trolling. Now, Unfortunately, trolling and bullying has transformed into abuses and threats. It’s ruining people’s career, life and in fact, turning to be fatal. The troll makers think it’s cool to troll. The very “it’s cool” quotient has not only made life miserable online, it’s formed into a cult. Everybody wants to be a part of this cool dude cult. But how did this “too cool” trend begin?

Trolling usually begins at schools and neighbourhoods which sadly, doesn’t grab a lot of parent’s attention.

Young Women Take On Cyber Bullying, Trolls

Young Women Take On Cyber Bullying

Have you noticed a kid being ‘too cool’ and carefree in a group? The characteristics of such kids are to bully and ridicule others. They prefer to not take things seriously and make jokes about other kids and their behaviours. We all know of one such kid and how everybody tries to act in a similar way to befriend that cool kid. The joy of being in the most scared and notorious gang came with its own benefits and pride. But it also slowly transforms in troll and bullies culture. If not intervened at the right time, this too cool dude attitude later than transforms into trolls and bullying.

The joy of being in the most scared and notorious gang came with its own benefits and pride.

Siddharth Aggarwal, an engineering student from IP University also talks about one such incident. He says, “There was a boy at school who was very notorious. Being his friend meant no trouble at all but the privilege of being a troublemaker. All of the kids used to be scared of that boy. This began when I was in fourth grade and what’s surprising is that those kids haven’t changed yet. In fact, one of the boys of the gang studies in my college. He was also the admin of the college troll page. I was spared in the space as his loyalty and affinity with the school remained intact. The page was a scandal zone. It had abuses, sexual content, videos, threats and everything unacceptable. Now, the page is gone due to excessive reporting and alas everyone is at peace.”

The power of trolling and benefits that come along with being a troll-maker, meme-creator or a bully crier are profound.

Talking to a lot of people and observing such kids, I have come to conclude that such kids do enjoy the attention.  Everyone wants to befriend that person to stay safe from being trolled. To befriend, kids and teenagers are ready to do anything and everything. This makes these kids feel too important. Once the power is tasted, it’s hard to let go. A position that none would full heartedly trade for.

It’s not that these kids are bad. It’s just that they are not challenged. I was once made fun off while I was crying. I gave it back to the person who was making fun of me and after that, he never messed with me. At the same time, he never left making fun of my friend who never stopped or challenged him. She was disturbed by his behaviour but never put her foot down on the matter. This leads him to take advantage and still pull her leg.

To have friendly jokes is absolutely perfect and actually very essential. Nonetheless, jokes that are meant to be sarcastic and mean are to be questioned and challenged in the very beginning. Such jokes and ‘too cool dude’ types mostly begin enjoying the attention and later become troll makers and meme-creators. Think deep and observe if you know of any such person who continued this streak of ridiculing into trolling and let us know!

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