Slut-shamed For a Post in Bikini Samantha Prabhu Hits Back at Trolls

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Seems like slut-shaming a famous personality, especially actresses, online has become a trend these days. Recently, actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu encountered scathing criticism when she posted a photo at a beach-side resort on her Instagram account. In this picture, she is seen wearing a bikini, and posted pictures of her vacation on social media.


Posting the picture, she wrote, “This isn’t a want it’s a NEEEEED!!!! #tired #tired #tired #tired Is it vacation time yet?”

 In no time, her holiday pictures became a place for passing rude comments and criticizing her dress code.

A couple of days ago, the gorgeous actress, posted the photos to keep her fans updated. But little did she know that there are some kind of fans online who only know how to backlash.

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"We don’t have any right to enter in her personal life But in public forums as Akkineni’s daughter-in-law these type of pics uploading in public forums that is so so so embarrassing to us” Another comment read ‘Not even Bollywood actresses behave like this after marriage.’  ‘You have done well for yourself. Why are you playing such cheap tricks? I thought you didn’t wanted to glamorous roles. Why exposing then.’


 However, seeing some fans taking her side who were trying to shut the trolls down, Samantha herself took the matter into her hands and decided to shut them down like a boss.

Anticipating the whole event, as soon as she found out the vicious remarks in her comment section, she responded smartly, “Well... now I had to go and put up a quote .. because my previous post didn’t really scream ‘ I WRITE MY RULES YOU SHOULD WRITE M̶I̶N̶E̶ YOURS !!”

This first picture has 4 million likes so far. But it also shared hate remarks as well.

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Samantha was recently in the news when her marriage photos with Naga Chaityana, younger son of Telugu superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni, had gone viral.


Kudos to you Samantha! You said it!

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