Post MMS Video Leak, Trisha Kar Madhu’s New Bhojpuri Song Video Goes Viral

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Trisha Kar Madhu New Bhojpuri Video: She was recently in news for her private video that got leaked online. She is now making headlines again for her new song. Sung by Ankush Raja and written by Garda Siyadih, the song is topping the charts. The Bhojpuri audience is liking the song a lot. It went viral within a few hours of its release on YouTube.

Jokhal Hawe Mor Balamua is the title of the song. She is also being praised for her dancing skills. The video has thousands of likes and lakhs of views and many comments on YouTube.

What you should know about Trisha Kar Madhu?

  • Madhu was born in West Bengal in 1994. She was a student at Ashutosh College, Calcutta.
  • She kickstarted her career as a model. Later, she joined the Bengali film industry followed by Bhojpuri film industry.
  • Raja Tani Jai Na Bhaariya‘ sung by Rakesh Mishra and ‘Laika Tohre Ke Papa Kahta‘ sung by Neelkamal Singh are songs she has appeared in.
  • Her television debut was Bhojpuri series Hum Hai Hindustani. Since then, she has appeared in many Bhojpuri films and music videos.
  • Her upcoming projects include movies like Dulhan Ganga Paar Ke, Jaani Dushman and Mukaddar.

Trisha Kar Madhu’s Video Leak Case

A video featuring Mashu with her boyfriend in a compromising situation recently went viral. She expressed her disgust at that fact that someone leaked the video going behind her back. She said that it was difficult for her to believe that such people live in Bihar.  While Madhu also confirmed that she had shot the controversial video herself, its release online was never her intention. Mashu appealed to people to delete the video from their devices.

In the video, Madhu is seen spending personal time with a man. Madhu took to social media to remind people of privacy breaches and told trolls to mind their own business.

Soon after Madhu’s viral video, another Bhojpuri actor made headlines for the same. Actor Priyanka Pandit went on record to clarify that a video is being shared online with an intention to tarnish her reputation. However, according to the actor, the woman seen in the video is not her. Read more on that here.

The Bhojpuri Industry 

The film and entertainment industry in Bhojpuri is sometimes referred to as Bhojiwood. Some estimates suggest it’s worth 2000 crore rupees and growing. Within it, there are many singers who have made it big. The likes of Indu Shonali, Kalpana Potawary are well known female singers.

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