Tribal Woman Finds Diamond Worth Rs 20 Lakh While Collecting Firewood In Madhya Pradesh

Tribal woman finds diamond
Genda Bai living in Purushottampur of Madhya Pradesh is a mother of six who collects wood to earn a livelihood. Her state of poverty is soon to end after she accidentally stumbled upon a diamond stone on Wednesday during her job.

As her fortune had it, the reports say that she stumbled upon a shiny stone-like object while collecting wood. She picked it up and went to the government-run Diamond Office to check with the officials about its authenticity. The stone turns out to be a 4.39-carat diamond.

Tribal woman finds diamond worth Rs 20 lakh

“The raw diamond, which the woman found, has been received from her and would be auctioned and the money would be given to her after the deduction of government royalty and taxes. The diamond is estimated to be worth Rs 20-25 lakh,” said Anupam Singh, a diamond inspector to the media.

Genda Bai was praised for being a responsible citizen willingly submitting the discovered diamond to government officials. The diamond will be auctioned and the prize will be given to her after the deduction of 12.5% for government royalty and taxes

Genda Bai told Press Trust Of India, “I have six children, four sons and two daughters, who are of marriageable age. I will use the money received by the auction for the construction of my home and my daughters’ marriage.” 

Genda Bai goes to collect wood in the Panna forest of Madhya Pradesh which happens to be known for its diamond mines. She is not the first person to have stumbled upon such precious stones on the road, a few months back operating a brick kiln business found a stone that turned out to be a 26.11-carat diamond.

In another similar case in the Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, Chameli Bai, a homemaker living in Itwakala village, had found the 2.08-carat diamond in a mine. It was taken on rent in the Krishna Kalyanpur Pati area of the district, she too like Genda Bai went to the Diamond Office and the estimation suggested that she could get a number of Rs 10 lakh after the auction.

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