Viral Video: Mahua Moitra Hides Her Louis Vuitton Bag During Price-Rise Speech, Twitter Reacts

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Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader and MP Mahua Moitra was found removing her exorbitantly expensive Louis Vuitton bag from her chair to the ground while her colleague Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar was speaking about price-rise in the Parliament yesterday in the viral video.

As soon as the video was shared across Twitter, people started to point out the irony of the situation and expressed their views about it. It went to a point where the terms Mahua Moitra and Louis Vuitton started trending on Twitter.

Mahua Moitra Louis Vuitton bag Viral Video

The Parliament on Monday held a session to discuss the price-rise in Lok Sabha after the opposition parties demanded it. Kakoli Ghosh Dostidar a TMC MP was present in the session and was sitting right beside Moitra. Dostidar was speaking about the inflation of food items and even bit a piece of raw brinjal to prove her point. But what caught the attention during this speech was when the camera caught Moitra removing her Louis Vuitton bag which according to reports, costs between Rs 1, 50,000 and Rs 2,00,000 from her chair to under the bench, reportedly while trying to hide it.

As the topic was about inflation and asking the Union government questions about unnecessary price-rise, her expensive bag became the biggest irony in the session and through the viral video.

Twitter reacts to the viral video

The video was shared by Ajit Datta on Twitter who said, “As the issue of “mehengai” is raised, somebody’s Louis Vuitton bag quickly slides under the bench.”

Another tweet shared by Parikshit Pawar said, “People are blaming ” Mahua Moitra ” For ” Louis Vuitton ” ₹160000 bag but actually, She didn’t know todays topic is Price rise. Don’t worry she will take care from next time. #LouisVuitton #MahuaMoitra.”

Some were even attacking women in general while commenting on her action in a derogatory manner like a user named Niranjana Chelur said, “Any Woman ashamed of Her ‘Louis Vuitton” for paltry,insignificant issues like Inflation/Price Rise being discussed in Parliament and going to the extent of HIDING the poor thing under a Table aint worth Her Feminine Salts and Gotta be the Biggest-Mega-Hypocrite! #MahuaMoitra”

Another user, Monica Verma, pointed out that it was okay if she had just owned the bag but hiding it during the speech made it an act of hypocrisy.

It was not the first time Moitra was carrying her Louis Vuitton bag as demonstrated by a Twitter user who showed a number of photos where she has been spotted with it.
He wrote, “DhopIndia should know that Hon’ble MP @MahuaMoitra has always carried a @LouisVuitton
bag. Unlike your Chaiwala-cum-Fakir Baba squandering public money on his wardrobe, Mahuadi has earned enough to buy a branded item. And BTW, she was the Brand Ambassador of Louis Vuitton!” He even added a clip from Moitra’s old interview where she talks about owning the bag and still working for the underprivileged as that’s what her job requires her to do.

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