Saying It With Humour: Aditi Mittal #SheLeadsIndia

Aditi Mittal SheLeads

Comedian Aditi Mittal fired up the stage of She Leads India, eliciting praise all around for her go-get-it attitude. One of the country’s finest comedians, Mittal is never apprehensive to broach topics that are mostly discussed hush-hush. At the SheLeads platform too, she was her usual bold self, her quick wit drawing the applause.

Here are some of her top comments:

  • As women, we process humour to survive

Female comedian in India! What is that? Female is not a genre!

  • In these eight years of journey, the lesson I learnt is the comedian has to go solo, be it success or failure.
  • For me, years of sadness and anger came out as humour
  • Awkward sexualisation is always there in any field
  • Why not make sanitary napkins mainstream? What’s the hush hush factor about it?
  • We don’t let anybody talk over the one who’s making noises
  • If you call yourself feminist, don’t try to knock down others who have opinions. It’s the secret to happiness

Start correcting ourselves. Women have lot of power and we influence a lot of lives. So examine own biases

  • The unease has to go away among women
  • Seeking rightful place is always tough because people expect women to charge less
  • Go on social media and be as ugly as possible’

The only woman on the All India Bakchod roast panel, Mittal thinks of comedy as a device, “meethi chhuri”, in her words. It’s a nice way to tell people that they have messed up, she had told SheThePeople.TV in an earlier interview.

Her advice to young women wanting to venture into comedy: “You have to sell yourself”. Mittal feels that there are more men in comedy because they are able to sell their brand of humour and convince audiences to come to their shows.

See Mittal at SheLeads here: