Aditi Mittal shatters menstrual taboos: gems from her performance

Aditi Mittal is one of the finest female comedians in India. Unconventionally feminine, the content of most of her shows focusses on women’s issues, and it tickles men and women alike cos its hilarious and true. This Women’s Day, she came up with a surreal performance on women’s menstruation, and addressed the issues around it on the way.

We know that all women bleed for ‘those 5 days’ in the month. This is not something new, it has been happening ever since the beginning of the human race. No matter how much we deny the truth, but since it is the man’s world that we live in, it becomes a little difficult to change what doesn’t meet the owner’s interests. And Aditi brought that out just right. In her performance on ‘Things they wouldn’t let me say’, she highlights some of these taboos that have reached their saturation point and must be done away with. In a conversation with ShethePeople.TV, she tells says:

“I talk about things that don’t make sense to me. And it’s great to see that it being accepted to well! I received an email from a fan in Pakistan who invited me to her country to perform! The response has been overwhelming.”

In the opinion of another fantastic standup comic Radhika Vaz, music and comedy are both equally strong ways of inciting thought amongst people. And we couldn’t agree more.

Here are the most hilarious lines from Aditi’s video. The filthy, loud Punjaban feminist’s fresh take on the eternal issue of women’s menstruation:

People react to period as if it were Voldemort and the world Hogwarts!

Periods are not Voldermont and this ain't Hogwarts!

Periods are not Voldemort and this ain’t Hogwarts!

The unnecessary diffidence that women feel when asking for a pad from a sister! 

Asking your friend for an extra P**!

Asking your friend for an extra P**!

The cliches that sanitary pad ads are

Why the blue gel and white pants in period ads?

Why the blue gel and white pants in period ads?

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The future is designer pads!

The flower-bee designs on your pad have a future!

The flower-bee designs on your pad have a future!

Relate to this? Watch the full video here.

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