Tips From Experts On How To Increase Your Blog Clicks

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#KolkataWritersFest2018 hosted an interesting panel which brought to the surface some insights about blogging and how we can make it click. The panel was moderated by Richa Wahi, founder of Word Munchers, a platform dedicated to teaching creative writing to children and teenagers. Raksha Bharadia, editor of Chicken Soup series for India and founder of onobology, a website on romantic love, Srishti Nadhani, stylist, blogger and designer, and food blogger Aerica Sardar were the speakers for the session.

Bharadia shared about her blog Bonobology. She said she focused on chronicling relationships. She also went on add about how technical tips help, too, in making a blog work.

Aerica Sardar talked about how due to her love for food, her friends call her Zomato. It was purely the love for food which led her to start her own food blog

Srishti Nadani’s blog chronicles and documents her personal style, travel stories, and food. She shared how one can make exciting conversations happen through blogs.

Here are the most important tips terrific bloggers had to share about blogging and how one can make a blog work wonders.

  • “The opening line is very important and the pictures are key “
  • “Make people start interacting on your Instagram posts within the first three hours to get Instagram to start boosting your post”
  • “Stay with a problem that many out there would identify with”
  • “SEO is the key. But then keyword stuffing will not get the reader glued”
  • “You have to find a balance between giving value to your audience while receiving value for your blog”
  • ”Detailed description of food experience is the key for readers who are seeking information”

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