Model Starts Acne Positivity Movement On Instagram

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model starts acne positivity

Louisa Northcote, Britain’s Next Top Model finalist, has kickstarted the #freethepimple movement. She has started a conversation about unrealistic beauty standards.


Louisa herself has struggled with acne for years. The Dubai girl was a child model and modelling agencies started to reject her due to pimples. The young model started the movement as an online community to help people who are suffering from the same problem and dealing with the emotional and physical effects of acne.

Faced Rejection

“I was 16 when the acne got really bad, but to be fair to them, have you ever seen a magazine or a billboard cover model with bad skin? This is the perception I wish to change,” she said.

#freethepimple Movement

Louisa shows her own un-retouched, make-up-free skin. She posted a video on her Instagram,  which showed off her natural beauty. She also stresses the importance of accepting one's own skin and body.


Breaking the taboo, she shared photos of her acne online, under the hashtag #freethepimple.

She said, “Body positivity is a powerful movement which has led to the industry-wide embrace of models of all different body types.”

Following Louisa's initiative, a lot of people with acne have been sharing their unfiltered photos and praising the movement.

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She even posted a video on Instagram and captioned it with some fab words. In her caption, she wrote, "I am part of a generation that is all about change and speaking up. I spent so many years covering it up, having it affect my day, affect my life and affect my mental health but now I embrace it as it is part of who I am."


She even appeared in i-D magazine’s photography series, Epidermis, in which she showed off her natural beauty and pimples to the whole world.

Talking about the online movement, Britain's Next Top Model finalist says, "Growing up I didn't have people who I could talk to about acne. So now I've built this community by using this hashtag… It's been the most liberating feeling to finally feel okay in my skin, no matter how it looks.”

Currently, Louisa is undergoing some chemical peel and laser sessions to minimize her acne.

Speaking about her growing movement, she wrote: “When I first decided to put a makeup free selfie exposing my acne and talking about it on social media and using the #freethepimple never did I think this would happen.”


A lot of people applauded her for creating this space of body positivity. She thanked everyone for their support.

She said, “If I can be a voice for us all that makes me so happy.”

Hundreds of girls have already posted their pictures in response to Louisa’s. This is the positivity one must bring in society. Eventually, beauty is all about being happy and comfortable in your own skin.

Picture Credit: Gulf News

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