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Sitting at your work desk and scrolling through the Instagram feed of globe-trotting travel bloggers can be disheartening. This then pushes you to call up your friends and family and convince them for a trip. Once that giant task is done, you are all set to travel. The night before, you imagine the beautiful pictures you are going to click and post on social media. Though there is nothing wrong with that thought, yet it may make the purpose of travelling a little blurred. The importance of a social media-free travel can make trips more meaningful for you.


How to disconnect when Travelling

Internet is very helpful during trips to unknown places. GPS, maps, food joints and destinations are some things for which we blindly rely on the net. So once we have the net on, it gets really tough not to open those blue, pink and green app icons. To disconnect while travelling, here are a few ways:

  • Delete these apps for the duration of your trip.
  • Mobile sites of these apps take time to open and this might give you a chance to think whether you really want it to open.
  • Try downloading maps offline, or best, take a printout of the local map. It gives you the vibes of an authentic traveller.
  • For music, transfer songs in old devices like Ipods or MP3s, so it reduces the purpose of you using your phone.
  • Ask locals. They provide you with details and secrets of the place and make your trip more enriching.

Why Disconnect

Posting on social media is not at all wrong. These sharing platforms are what keep long-distance friendships and connections alive. Having said that, let there be a few moments that no one knows about.

Let there be some secret projects that you display only after you have completed them. They have their own charm and relevance


Since we are the social media generation, these forces unconsciously impact our decision making. If travelling is just to post photos, then there might be something wrong.

Disconnecting with these platforms allows you to reconnect with yourself. And that is what travelling is. Immersing yourself in beautiful sunsets, lush green forests, never ending beaches and echoing mountains without the need to share it with entire world. Try it out and experience the best feeling. It makes you build stronger bonds with new people, places and memories.

“Take only memories and leave only footprints.”

Happy detox travelling!

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeope.Tv

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