Shocker: Teen Forced To Have Sex With 17 Men In A Day By London Escort To Pay Off Debt

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A 16-year-old girl was forced to have sex with 17 men in a day by an escort in London. The 23-year-old escort forced the girl to do so for the repayment of a loan that the girl had taken from the escort. Reportedly, she was also forced to have sex with 30 men in a period of two weeks.

The Sun reported that the teenager was made to have sex with 30 different men for 80 pounds per half an hour. When the teen complained, the accused named Tyler Jo-Walker said that she would get used to it. The survivor was befriended by Walker through Instagram. They started chatting, post which the accused called her to the apartment.

The accused reportedly paid for the survivors’ taxi ride to her place, which was 47 pounds. But when the survivor arrived, the accused asked her to repay her 100 pounds for the trip and other things (which were not mentioned about).

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Teen Forced Sex With 17 Men

“She (the survivor) described to police feeling she couldn’t say no because the defendant was so determined this would have to happen,” said Prosecutor Sue Hirst to the Newcastle Crown Court.

After demanding the money back, the accused made the survivor pose for photographs and then forwarded it to people with the claim that the survivor is 18-year-old. After this, within few days, a client visited her apartment and Hirst pointed out that the accused informed the survivor about this, as per reports.

The survivor was shocked so she reportedly ran into the bathroom and told the accused that she would not be able to do something like this. To which the accused plainly asked how else will she be repaying her.

Hirst also stated that the accused had taken the survivor upstairs. According to reports, she negotiated the deal and time with the man and came up with 80 pounds for half an hour.

Reportedly, the accused admitted to her crimes and was sentenced to 16 months of imprisonment and suspended for two years. While giving this judgement, Judge Robert Spragg said, “She has found it difficult to get on with her life as she often finds herself thinking about it, is embarrassed about it and no doubt it will have a long-lasting effect on a girl who was already troubled.”