In Afghanistan, Taliban Shoots Pregnant Policewoman In Front of Her Family: Report

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Taliban shoots pregnant policewoman: The Taliban has been accused of shooting a pregnant policewoman Banu Nigara in front of her family Afghanistan. The hard-line Islamist group allegedly killed her at her home in Firozkoh, Ghor province. The violence against women and children in Afghanistan has been making headlines ever since the extremists took over the country last month.

“Nigara a police officer was shot dead in front of her kids and husband last night at 10PM in Ghor province. Nigara was 6 months pregnant, she was shot dead by the Taliban, her family members say,” tweeted a leading Afghan journalist named Bilal Sarwary on Sunday, September 5.

The Taliban, however denied being involved in the incident. Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujaheed told the BBC that they were aware of the incident. He “confirmed” that the Taliban did not kill her and that their investigation was ongoing. Mujaheed added that the policewoman could have been killed due to “personal enmity or something else”. He further added that the Taliban had already confirmed amnesty for people who worked for the previous administration.

According to witnesses, however, Taliban beat and shot the woman dead in front of her husband and children on Saturday. Reportedly, three men with guns in hand arrived at the house on Saturday and did a thorough search. Then they tied up the family members. The officer worked at the provincial prison before the area came under the control of the Taliban.

Last year, the Taliban had allegedly blinded a woman police personnel, for getting a job. They reportedly shot her eight times, pierced her eyes and left her to die. According to her allegations, it was her father, a former Taliban militant who conspired against her. The woman further claimed that in the eyes of the Taliban, women are not living, breathing human beings. They are merely some flesh and meat to be battered. She even accused the group of feeding women’s bodies to dogs. Read more on it here.

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