Afghan Woman Blinded By Taliban Claims They Feed Women’s Bodies To Dogs

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An Afghan woman blinded by Taliban for getting a job claimed that they feed women’s bodies to dogs.

The 33-year-old woman recollected the incident and said that her father was a former Taliban militant. He opposed her job in law enforcement and secretly informed the insurgents. As a “punishment”, the militants shot her eight times and blinded her last year.

Khatera told News18 that in the eyes of the Taliban, women are not living, breathing human beings, but merely some meat and flesh to be battered. She has been living with her husband and child in Delhi since Nov 2020 for treatment. Former police personnel, the woman was brutalised in October last year. At that time, she was two months pregnant.

While she was returning from work, the Taliban checked her ID proof and allegedly shot her eight times on the upper body. She also bore several knife injuries. The militants then allegedly pierced her eyes and left her to die. The man behind the conspiracy was none other than her father, she said.

Khetra claimed that the Taliban first torture women and then discard their bodies to show as specimens of punishment. “Sometimes our bodies are fed to dogs. I was lucky that I survived it,” she alleged. The woman further added that one has to live in Afghanistan under the Taliban to even imagine what has befallen the women, children and the minorities there.

Khetra revealed that she was able to move to Kabul and then India for treatment because she had enough money for it. However, everyone is not so fortunate.

“Women and anyone who disobeys the Taliban die in the streets,” she claimed. She further said that the Taliban neither allow women to visit male doctors nor do they allow them to study and work. “Even if you think we are just reproductive machines, there is no common sense but pure hate,” Khatera added.

She said that even before the Taliban took over the country, the women who worked with the government or police were “being hunted and threatened”.

Expressing her concern, she said that she is scared if they would let women be alive. Calling them “a blot on Islam,” she said that they don’t just kill women. They feed their bodies to animals. According to her, many families are burning the educational certificates of girls to protect them from the fundamentalist regime.

Since Afghan women won’t be allowed to work or step outside of their homes, she feared that their healthcare, voices and organisations will cease to exist. “What about those who don’t have a man in the house? Who will feed them? Those born in the early 2000s have only heard of the Taliban from their families. Now, they will face them again. It’s hellish” Khatera concluded.