TAES: Building Linkages Between Rural Artisans and Global Buyers

India takes pride in its culture, heritage, arts and handicraft. It is then astonishing to see that of the global market of USD 400 billion, India accounts for below 2%. Certainly this presents us with an opportunity along with a responsibility to take the work of Indian artisans to the world more aggressively.

Traditional Art Entrepreneurship Summit (TAES) being held at Crafts Museum, Delhi is one such initiative that looks at building linkages between rural artisans and global buyers. The event which is supported by MSME and Ministry of Textiles looks at bringing together artisans from all across the nation helping them build a supportive network and growth opportunities. TAES is organized by MithilAsmita trust which is reviving Madhubani art and empowering women artisan from Bihar by making contemporary products like wall art, stoles, shawls, gift boxes and more.

TAES is first of its kind initiative to accomplish these objectives and deliver some key benefits of promoting rural artisans like:

  • Creating livelihood for rural people within their villages thus avoiding mindless migration to urban cities.

  • Gives rural women an opportunity to make themselves financially independent and thus develop healthier families and society.

  • Art is a medium of self-expression. Artisans find a way to convey their feelings, talent and culture. When this work gets appreciation and income, it elevates their morales, happiness and confidence.

  • The process of manufacturing for most of the handicraft items is environmental-friendly and organic thus having a minimum carbon footprint.

  • It can give tremendous boost to nations GDP.

  • The rich heritage of our country is preserved.

Along with giving access to global markets, there is a dire need to brand these products in the right manner. Several home-grown brands have established the fact there is a huge global demand for Indian handicrafts and there is space for branded labels in this vertical.

So far the contribution from industry and corporates has been limited to that of mandatory CSR funds. We need to garner elevated support from corporates by genuinely believing in handicraft products and purchasing them for their gifting, décor and design needs. Funding not in form of charity but dignified order-based transaction should be consciously brought into the radar of businesses and startups.

We always have to go back to our roots to find solutions for today, we have to revisit our philosophies to help us wade through the digital era and we have to celebrate being Indian before we become global citizens.

TAES is a 10-day exhibition held at Crafts Museum, Delhi from 1st June to 10th June with inaugural ceremony being held on 31st May 2018. 

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Picture Credit: bbc.co.uk