Social Media Reacts Strongly To Taapsee Pannu’s Tax Raid Tweets

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Taapsee Pannu tax raid tweets have sparked a furore on the microblogging platform and left netizens divided. On Saturday, the Pink actor took to Twitter to address the “3 days of intense search” conducted by the income tax department at her Mumbai residence. Taking a sarcastic jibe at the entire episode, wherein IT officials claimed a discrepancy of Rs 5 crores in her funds, she remarked, “not so sasti” anymore.

Social media users have reacted strongly to Pannu’s thread of tweets that reference several points raised in the case. She took a hit at the IT department’s search of the “keys of the “alleged” bungalow that I apparently own in Paris” and followed it up by shooting down Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s claim that similar raids were conducted on the actor and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

“3 days of intense search of… My memory of 2013 raid that happened with me according to our honourable finance minister. P.S- “not so sasti” anymore,” she writes.

See Taapsee Pannu tax raid tweets below: 

Social Media Reactions To Taapsee Pannu Tax Raid Tweets

One section on Twitter is lauding the actor for not standing down in the face of IT raids that many believe is a result of Pannu’s outspokenness against the ruling party and government. Earlier this week, her boyfriend Mathias Boe had written about the “unnecessary stress” the tax raids were causing her family and parents. Read more here.

Meanwhile, some others aren’t too impressed with Pannu’s “bravery” and “spine,” claiming tax raids on big celebrities like her isn’t uncommon and must have been backed by solid reasoning. “Don’t play ‘I fight back spirit’ to dilute the grave allegations. Simple,” one user wrote.

Pannu’s “not so sasti anymore” remark evoked a response from industry colleague Kangana Ranaut, who is known for warring with her on social media. “You will always remain sasti because you are sab rapists ka feminist,” Ranaut replied to Pannu’s tweet, directly referencing Kashyap who was accused of rape last year by a female actor.

Pannu and Kashyap share a good friendship and have collaborated on Manmarziyaan and the upcoming Dobaara. When Kashyap was accused of sexual misbehaviour last year, Pannu had come to his defence saying, “he is the biggest feminist I know” and that she would “break ties” with him if he were to be found guilty.