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role of technology in entrepreneurship

What can technology not achieve these days? There is hardly any sector left untouched by the gigantic spread of technology. From education to healthcare, it has completely altered the way we perceive the world. It is also proving to be boon for a plethora of women who are using this dynamic tool to convert their passion into successful businesses and becoming successful entrepreneurs.


Four women entrepreneurs spoke to SheThePeople.Tv to discuss the myriad of advantages technology offers in making their entrepreneurial journey a smooth one.

Helps connect audience across the globe

Life-Coach Kusha Kalra, Founder of Happy Lives, had started her business as a Facebook page.

"Technology plays a key role in boosting our presence online as an entrepreneur. It helps to connect to our audience across the globe, not just within India. I have been able to create my brand “Happy Lives” using social media and I do know that if the right marketing techniques are used, we can scale up our business online."

She also said that technology enabled her to get connected to other entrepreneurs, associations and forums that promote entrepreneurship for women.

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 As a value addition to teaching methodology

Pallavi Singh, who teaches Hindi to foreigners, admits that technology is definitely a value-addition to her teaching methodology.

"I have created online-flashcard database and various other pop-quizzes, “match-the-following”, “Guess-The-Word” games to help my students practise Hindi while they’re stuck in traffic or just have some spare time to kill."

Makes online business personal

Manveen Kaur, Founder of Hobby in a Box, says, "Mine is inherently a tech-based company as we use technology every single moment. Technology has made it so easy to understand consumers and reach out to them. Anybody can talk to us through our live chat option on the website."

"Technology is making online business personal and putting a face to the name which is really important for any entrepreneur."


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The fuel that drives services

1SpecialPlace's Founder Pratiksha Gupta calls Internet the fuel which drives her online speech therapy platform's services. It has also facilitated them in developing digital resources for speech and language enrichment in children.

Her team has conducted more than 2,000 online procedures till now. “During evaluations, we use standardised testing procedures. A typical online speech therapy session entails usage of digital books, worksheets, flashcards, puzzles, games, videos and other interactive tools customised to each client to meet his/her therapy goals. We also include a lot of hands-on activities in our sessions to keep them engaging and interesting.”

How does technology facilitate your day to day life? Share with us in the comments section.

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