The term adult can sometimes make you shiver. The quick transformation from being a teen to an adult happens in a way that most of us don’t and realise.  The reality that we are no more dependent but independent of our actions proclaim to becoming adults.

Here are some ways on how you can identify as an adult and also signify things that can make you an adult.

Completing college

The completion of college truly transforms you into an adult. You are exposed to the real world around.  Once you complete college, the decision to either work or study further dawns on you. This is the phase where you will start to stand on your own lea.

Getting a job

Once you finish college, getting a job is the first significant move to feel like an adult. The very fact that you are sitting for various interviews, fighting your way out gives a sensation of becoming an adult. The shift from causal wear to office wear signifies transformation from a teen to an adult.

Becoming financially independent

Financial independence makes you feel like an adult. When you don’t have to depend on your parent’s pocket money rather earning your own money makes you an adult.

Getting accustomed to living by your own means

The moment you realise that you are comfortable with your space without external help is a sign of becoming an adult. The adult moment comes when you get accustomed to living with your own means.

Taking your own decisions

Imagine having to decide what to do in your life. Where you want to work, your work goals, your financial goals, your small-small everyday decisions without anyone’s help except yours makes you the responsible one. The day you are completely capable and responsible for taking your decision is achieving adulthood.

Living your own lifestyle

Deciding what you want to do for your weekend or the way you wish to style your life speaks volume about your transformation as an adult. With our parents, we can’t live the way we want but in fact, adhere to their lifestyle. This is a major change when you become an adult.

Developing goals and sticking to them

Most of us when we were in our teens, we were often posed with questions on what we want to do, what we plan to do, what we wish to do and what others want us to. The day from when you can set and develop your goals and focusing on it exhibits characteristics of an adult.

Taking responsibility for your actions

Owning up to our mistakes and taking responsibility for them helps us become an adult. Rather than complaining and blaming others for various wrongdoings, taking responsibility for our actions helps us transform from being an adult.

Having an informed perspective

Informed perspective is a result of experience.  Experience is in turn a result of the process of transforming into an adult.

Handling situations differently.

Earlier handling situations might turn out to be a nightmare but as you grow up, you will begin handling your situations differently in a matured manner. Your composure will signify your change into becoming an adult.

If you’re just out of college, you’re probably overwhelmed by both new freedoms and new responsibilities. Jobs, money, taxes—it can all be too much. But if you start with the basics, you’ll find yourself well ahead of the curve by the time you hit the big 30.

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