Staying Healthy: 10 Popular Types Of Yoga

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The physical and psychological benefits of yoga are well known. Most popular forms of yoga are derived from some asanas or a set of them. Each of these forms have different outcomes and will leave you with a very different experience.

If you are toying with the idea of joining a yoga studio read on to know more about some widely practised forms of yoga:

Ashtanga: It comprises of a sequence of asanas which need to be performed in a specific order in one go.Each movement is linked to a breath. It is a physically demanding practice, highly effective in controlling the mind.

Hatha yoga: It is the gentle form of yoga; Hatha refers to yoga that teaches postures. These are slower moving activity, which requires you to hold each position for few breaths. It is the best form for beginners.

Hot / Bikram yoga: They are largely the same; the only difference is some diversion in Hot yoga from the Bikram’s set of 26 asanas. Other than that they both have heated rooms, and you will sweat like never before which aids in flexibility and detoxification.

Iyengar yoga: Alignment of the pose is given utmost importance in this form. It also makes use of a wide range of props, like, straps, blocks, blankets, bolsters, chairs, etc.

Kundalini yoga: It has a more spiritual approach and involves repetitive exercises coupled with breathing, chanting mantras, or singing, which can uncap the energy within you. It involves a hectic schedule with almost every sense at work, which can give you higher self-awareness.

Power yoga: It involves series of asanas coupled with fast breathing to give your body a pump of energy, it involves multiple poses with specific breathing instructions.

Prenatal yoga: This involves a set of carefully selected yoga postures for expecting mothers, it is tailored for every trimester. It involves mild poses that are good for stretching the muscles,breathing and relaxing exercises.

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Prenatal Yoga, Pic Credit: hellodoktor.com

Restorative yoga: Also called relaxation yoga, it has a combination of different relaxing asana that is combined with props like a blanket; pillows etc. that can help you go deep in relaxation.

Vinyasa yoga: It is more like a choreographed form of yoga, where there is a smooth and quick transition from one pose to the next. Trainers also play music to pump up these sessions.

Yin yoga: It is more like a meditative practice, generally practised after a hectic yoga schedule; it has passive postures which relax the muscles, calm the mind and the nervous system.

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