Son’s Post Of Mother’s Remarriage After Domestic Violence Goes Viral

Domestic Violence

A Facebook post in which a son named Gokul Sreedhar wishes  his mother a happy married life when she remarried after experiencing extreme violence in her previous marriage has gone viral. The post reads, “It was my mother’s re-marriage. I had pondered over whether or not to put up such a post as it is the time when there are still people who can’t accept second marriages. Now, don’t look this side with scorn and hatred. Even if you do so, no one here will feel humiliated… My mother is a woman who had set apart her entire life for me. In her calamitous marital life, she had suffered a lot… When blood oozed out of the bruise sustained from beatings, I have asked her, “Why are you suffering so much?” I still remember what she told me then… “I’m living for you. Again I shall tolerate…” On that day when I held my mother’s hand and left that house, I expected such a moment… I decided then that I would make it happen. My mother, who had sacrificed her youthful days for me, has many heights to conquer…I’m not willing to say anything… I thought I need not keep this a secret.” (Translated into English)

Legal rights that every married woman should know about

The Facebook post is an attempt to neutralise the discomfort shown by Kerala Society towards remarriage of grown-ups. Though we support such acts by women but society as a whole, hardly does so. However, one fact also surfaces that there are many women who aren’t aware of their legal rights related to marriage. Here are some rights a married woman should definitely know about…

Right To Child Maintenance

It is the duty of the husband and the wife to provide the required facilities to their minor child. In case the woman is not capable of earning a living, then it is the duty of the man to provide financial assistance. In case both partners are monetarily incapacitated, they can take support from their parents to look after the child. Additionally, a minor child also has the right to seek partition in ancestral property.

Right To Committed Relationship

A happy and successful married life cannot be led without proper commitment from both the partners equally. A married woman has the right to have a committed relationship, unless a legal application for separation (divorce) has been filed. This implies that her husband cannot be in a relationship with another woman or have an extra-marital affair. However, if the husband still has relations with another woman outside marriage, the wife she can charge him for adultery. Adultery in India is also a basis for divorce under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Right To Live With Dignity And Respect

A wife has the legal authority to live with proper dignity and self-respect with her in-laws. She also has the right to have the same lifestyle that her husband’s and in-laws have. This legal right provides married woman independence after marriage. The married woman also has the right to voice out against any physical or mental torture.

Read more such legal rights here.

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