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Sitting In The Winter Sun: A Treasure Trove Of Benefits

sitting in the sun

While we often find winters synonymous with lazy and hazy mornings, hot beverages, layers of clothes and deserted streets, there is something in winters that everyone looks forward to. And that’s sitting under the much-needed winter sun that provides warmth from the otherwise bone-chilling weather. But who do you think gets the most lured by it?

For Homemakers

For a lot of homemakers, stepping out of their homes to sit in the sun is the perfect opportunity for them to take a break from the gruelling pressure of their domestic life and unwind. Parenting, domestic chores, marital life and woes are the heart of such conversations. It gives them the much needed “cathartic time’ of their lives. Not only do they pour their hearts out to each other, sitting in the sun for hours is a great way for them to forge strong bonds and get their dose of Vitamin D.

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For teenagers and children in need of digital detox

Let’s admit it. The digital era we are living in has made it difficult for us to isolate ourselves from technology and spend some me-time. Sitting in the winter sun can prove to be a boon for teenagers and children looking for a digital detox. Shun that phone for a few hours and cherish the warmth that nature is bestowing upon you in abundance. Call your friends for a heart-to-heart discussion and revel in the moment.

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For people battling mental health issues

Sunlight does wonders in eliminating symptoms of depression by lifting your spirits. In fact, sunshine is known to boost levels of serotonin — the body’s natural happy hormone. That’s such a strong reason for you to step out.

For elderly

Sunshine plays a pivotal role in the overall well-being of elderly people’s lives. It regulates sleep patterns, decreases risk of depression, alleviates Alzheimer’s symptoms and increases production of Vitamin D. Besides that, it is a great way to boost their immunity.

With a plethora of advantages that sunlight offers, we are sure that you will spend at least a few hours every day out in the sun if you do not already.

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