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Here’s Busting Five UTI Myths That Most People Believe

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Studies say that women have more than 50% chances of contracting Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) at least once in their lifetimes and about 20% chance of recurring UTI. And women get UTI much faster than men because of their urethra being shorter and closer to the anus. These are some of the facts that naturally make women more conscious about preventing themselves from the disease. While it is alright to take extra care of your hygiene, here we are busting some UTI myths that are a cause of worry to people.

  • Poor hygiene

Most women believe that UTI happens because of bad toilet conditions in public places like workplaces, metro stations, malls etc. However, unclean toilets are not the main cause of UTI. The infection travels from down to top so it is not possible for urine to have any infection while peeing. Hot tubs, tight clothes and tampons cause vaginal irritation and cause in increase in bacteria.


  • Only women get UTI

It is a false conception that only women get urine infection and not men. While women have a higher tendency of contracting UTI, a few men also get UTI very easily. Women get UTI more quickly in comparison to men because they have a shorter urethra which is in close proximity to the anus and vagina. Women are at a 50% lifetime risk of getting UTI at least once.

It is also a myth that women who have sex get UTI as girls as young as 15 years old are also at a risk of contracting UTI

  • Only sexually active women get UTI

It is also a myth that women who have sex get UTI as girls as young as 15 years old are also at a risk of contracting UTI. It is true that women who are pregnant and menopausal are more prone to it. Sex and spermicides can be a predisposing factor, but not always. This is why doctors advise that women should pass urine within half an hour of intercourse. Among young girls, low immunity and urinary tract abnormalities are a few reasons for causing UTI, because of which sometimes even babies may contract UTI.

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  • More than one UTI is dangerous

People believe that if UTI occurs more than once, then it is a serious disorder. However, this is a myth. We need to look for causes and take preventive measures. People should get it treated quickly.

  • UTI is sexually transmissible

While women can contract an UTI after a sexual intercourse, it is not a sexually transmissible infection. Bacteria (E Coli) that is already living in your body and an increase of it in the urethra causes urine infection. Sex just gives an easy passage for the bacteria to travel through urethra and cling on to it.

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