Digital Detox: Know How It Helps These Bizwomen

Digital Detox

Technology is a dynamic tool that is bringing the world closer. Let’s admit it. Communicating and spreading information has never been so easy. The digital world is empowering people by giving them the freedom to connect, share and improve each other’s lives. Huge businesses are being run based on the impeccable connectivity that the digital world offers.

But there comes a time when you need to abstain from technology and revel in the present moment. Some ‘me time’, ‘interacting with people in person’ or ‘simply spending time in nature’ becomes important for the brain to rejuvenate and regain its focus and efficacy.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some women entrepreneurs about their idea of a digital detox and how they go about it.

A beautiful hibernating period – Pallavi Singh

Pallavi Singh Hindi Teacher

Pallavi Singh, Founder of Hindi Lessons for Foreigners in India, calls Digital Detox as the stimulative time one gives to themselves after being “ON” all the time and performing your tasks.

 “Digital Detox is a beautiful hibernating period where you are conveniently disengaged and come back out of it having pressed ‘refresh’ button”, she says.

Helps you find yourself, prioritize – Prachi Kagzi

Prachi Kagzi

Prachi Kagzi, Founder of Little Passports, avers that one tends to spend more time with one’s phone and laptop than with humans.

 “My phone is almost like an office-on-the-go and I as an entrepreneur am literally glued to it. The digital detox is important not only to get back to my family but even to find myself! Digital detox helps me think and prioritise all things in my life,” she tells us.

On being asked what she does to get that digital detox, she says that after returning from work, she leaves her phone aside for a few hours. She also credits her nature of work that helps her get the digital detox required.

 “Many times, I am in remote places where there is little or no connectivity with the outside world and welcome this change. Lastly, I have decided to continue leisure reading only on paper and never on a gadget.”

Lets you think more clearly – Jyotsna Atre

Jyotsna Atre

Jyotsna Atre, Founder of Kids’ Edition, that sensitizes children and their parents about the perils of the cyber world feels that what one thinks as maximum efficiency is actually digital overload, which will eventually lead to a burnout.

Life, according to her, can be reclaimed without neglecting your business.

“Just get off the screen at the dining table, after office hours and on weekends. Let your brain rest and replenish. Without the digital noise, you can clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly,” she shares.

Anything in excess is bad- Kusha Kalra

Kusha Kalra Founder Of Happy Lives.jpg

Kusha Kalra, Founder of Happy Lives, believes that anything in excess is harmful.

 “While technology makes our life easy and well-connected, it is important to know that we should not be addicted to technology. Human connections can never replace digital world 100%.”

She further adds,”With that in mind we as online entrepreneurs need to consider digital detox as part of self-care. They also need to break the patterns in our mind away from technology. This will not only improve our creativity as entrepreneurs but also make us stay innovative and brainstorm for our business effectively without feeling drained in energy levels.”

Reading books, taking a quick walk in the evening and listening to music instead of surfing the internet and calling people on phone instead of texting to wish them on important occasions are few ways she has adopted to detox digitally.

Incorporate non-digital activities – Pratiksha Gupta

Pratiksha Gupta

Pratiksha Gupta, Founder of 1specialplace.com admits that with technology creeping into every walk of life, it’s hard to get a thorough digital cleanse. This is especially true for her because she runs a tech-based start up.

Incorporating a few non-digital activities every other day is her way of unwinding and getting the digital detox.

“I spend time with my children doing some hands-on crafty activities over and above their school work.I walk my dog and even indulge in very frequent cooking. These errands help me in keeping away from my digital side and also relax me to the core.”, she shares.

 What is your idea of digital detox? Share with us in the comments section.