SheTalksMoney: Why Women Need To Be Financially Secure

Women in India are venturing out of their homes, putting their education and skills to good use and becoming financially independent. However, financial independence doesn’t always lead to financial security. It has also been observed that there is a lot of inertia when it comes to women and investment. They must understand that it is the right kind of financial investments that can help you achieve your financial goals and live a stress-free life.

In partnership with SBI Mutual Funds, SheThePeople.Tv organized SheTalksMoney in Jaipur to help women take money matters in their own hands. At the event, we spoke to some women entrepreneurs to know why financial security is important for women.

To fulfill increasing needs

Jaipur-based entrepreneur Shilpi Tanwar said that financial security is the next step after financial independence. “We are living in a world where our needs are increasing rapidly. With increasing needs, we need more money. Why not acquaint oneself with the legal way to secure ourselves? Financial education plays a big role in this. I rely on it because I seek first-hand information. This is to be more aware and make better financial decisions.”

Awareness is the key

“If I have my own savings and my own investments, I will be an independent woman and find myself in a better position in times of distress. Awareness is the key. We must make ourselves aware of our own finances,” said Reshma Bothra, partner at Original Gems.

Road to emotional independence

“Earlier, only men knew how to handle finances. Now, a lot of women are coming forward and taking charge of their finances. This helps because it makes them emotionally independent. They know that with financial security backing them, they will not be taken for a ride,” said Loveleen Mathur, an entrepreneur in Jaipur.

Why be dependent on men?

Sonakshi and Neha from Jaipur believe that life is difficult. “Anyone can face difficulties anytime, so it is better to make strong financial choices. Why be dependent on men for this?”

To not be a liability on anyone

Aarushi Kilawat of The Loom Art opined that she never wanted to be a financial liability to anyone. “You are the captain of your ship and must take charge,” she said.

What steps are you taking for your financial security? Share with us in the comments section.

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