Mag Cover Of Tamil Bride Dressed In Saree With Slit Sparks Outrage Online

Jodi Bridal Show cover latest issue

When it comes to saree and how Indians wear it, people have a fixed mindset, but when you try to break the norm, outrage is what we come across. A similar thing happened when a Toronto-based magazine — Jodi Bridal Show – unveiled its latest cover with a picture of a woman in a traditional saree but with a slit that reveals model Thanuska Subramaniam’s legs.

Jodi Bridal Show coverJodi Bridal Show

This particular add-on seems to have angered social media users, especially the Tamil community in Canada, who are miffed by the disrespectful way a ‘Tamil bride’ has been portrayed.

While many others are defending the artist’s freedom of creativity, a few people are disgruntled.

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The cover of the latest issue left Indians peeved as they see a woman flaunting the saree but with a long slit, which displays her legs.

The piqued Tamilians are calling it ‘Anti-Tamil Culture’ and opposing the South Indian bride’s way of dressing that way.

“This not a Tamil Bride, this is too much! Yes Olden days ladies did not wear blouse, did they expose themselves like this?! We have come far away, keeping your culture is one of the way to show your identity!!! This not how a Tamil Bride dress (sic).”” wrote one irked reader.

Jodi Bridal Show

“Please show me somewhere where a legitimate tamil bride dresses like this…. way to make a mockery of our culture,” another user wrote.

Jodi Bridal Show

Quoting Thanuska Subramaniam, the model in the picture from her chat with a local daily:

“There is so much Tamil female talent that was behind this cover. It’s sad that all those people who had negative things to say about the cover, didn’t want to acknowledge that aspect behind it. (sic)”

Another user said in defence:

“You can’t freeze a culture in a moment of time like trapping an insect in amber. Cultures evolve and change and adapt and diverge.”

Jodi Bridal Show

“It’s just a cover photo and I see it as a piece of art. It’s so beautiful put together by a talented team…” One person wrote

Jodi Bridal Show is an annually published South-Asian bridal magazine and specially targets audiences of Tamil Canadians.

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