Here’s How Shah Rukh Khan Fulfilled Cancer-Fighting Fan’s Last Wish

Shah Rukh Khan Fulfils Fan Last Wish
In the realm of superstars, Shah Rukh Khan has secured an unrivalled position in the hearts of his fans, captivating them with his irresistible charm. Recently, King Khan once again demonstrated his goodwill by fulfilling the long-cherished desire of a cancer-stricken fan from Kolkata.

Shivani Chakraborty, a 60-year-old patient facing a terminal illness, had always been an ardent admirer of Shah Rukh Khan, yearning for just one opportunity to meet her beloved celebrity.

Shivani’s daughter, Priya, took to Twitter to appeal to the online community for assistance in granting her mother’s final wish of meeting Shah Rukh Khan. This heartfelt plea quickly gained traction among various fan communities, attracting significant attention on the internet. She revealed that her mother is losing her vision due to her terminal illness and expressed hope that her mother’s cherished wish would come true.

Shah Rukh Khan Fulfils Fan Last Wish

The Shah Rukh Khan Warriors FAN Club, a dedicated Twitter account representing the star’s passionate followers, shared the heart-warming news. In their update, they disclosed that Shah Rukh Khan took to a video call and engaged in a heartfelt conversation with Shivani Chakraborty, lasting an unforgettable forty minutes. During their interaction, the actor expressed his willingness to provide financial support and even accepted an invitation to attend Shivani’s daughter’s wedding ceremony. Furthermore, he promised to visit her in Kolkata, her hometown, and enjoy a meal together. This humble and approachable gesture underscored Shah Rukh Khan’s immense popularity and revered status in the entertainment industry.

Shivani had expressed her longing to meet Shah Rukh Khan before her time ran out. As per medical experts, her time is limited, and she hopes to meet her favourite actor and present him with a dish that holds a special place in her family’s daily meals.

Hailing from Khardah, North 24 Parganas, Shivani’s love for cricket blossomed when Shah Rukh Khan brought the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) to the Indian Premier League (IPL). Now, her unwavering devotion to the star has been validated, as Shah Rukh Khan’s genuine care and compassion have brought immeasurable joy to Shivani’s life amidst her arduous battle with cancer.

Photo credit: Shah Rukh Khan Warriors FAN Club Twitter account

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