Sanjana Singh: First Transgender Person In MP To Get A Govt. Job

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Sanjana Singh

In a first for Madhya Pradesh, Sanjana Singh, 36, a transgender person, recently took over the responsibilities as the personal secretary to the director of social justice and disabled persons welfare in the state. Krishna Gopal Tiwari, Director, Department of Social Justice and Disabled Welfare (DSJDW), Madhya Pradesh, made the appointed on March 1 2019.


Sanjana's appointment is historic as she is the first transgender person to get a government job in Madhya Pradesh.

At her job, Sanjana will be monitoring day-to-day activities that happen at the Director's desk. She brings along her vast knowledge to the role as earlier as a social worker, she used to take care of many events in the city, ANI reported.

Sanjana was forced to leave her family at the age of 15 and join a transgender group. She hails from the city’s Ashoka Garden area. She had to quit studies after Class XII because of some personal issues. Later, Sanjana became the first para-legal volunteer of the District Legal Authority, prior to joining Tiwari. She was also a member of the Lok Adalat, where she heard the pending cases along with the judge. Singh was earlier associated with an NGO and has been working on child and women health since 2008. Delighted over the achievement, she said that she has finally achieved her "due place in society."

With this recommendable feat, Singh has broken all stereotypes and has become an example for the transgender community.

Talking to ANI, Sanjana said, "Tiwari Ji has taken a good step. In the coming days, the people of our community will get better opportunities. If our community is given enough opportunities, we can do a lot for the society."

She seemed much vocal about reservation for the transgender community in government jobs. "This is a small change. In the future, there will be bigger changes," she claimed.


She is now motivated to make sure that the third gender has social acceptance and work. "In the coming days, the people of our community will get better opportunities. If our community is given enough opportunities, we can do a lot for the society," Sanjana told news agency ANI.

Sanjana added, "If the reservation can be provided to others, then why not to us? There is a need to spread awareness in the society about transgender people. If the society does not accept us, we will not be able to break our barriers."

Thanking the MP government for providing her the platform to live a respectable life, Singh conveyed a message to the transgender community saying that they should all join hands in saving the community for the best, not just surviving. She said that they all should come forward and contribute to the society because everyone has talents.

In 2015, Singh came into limelight after she campaigned against open defecation in Madhya Pradesh. She was backed by a team and her NGO collaborated with the MP government on Swachhta Mission and have been associated with the programme since 2014.

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