'Read Science Books': Sanjana Ganesan Schools Troll For Body Shaming

Sports news presenter and TV anchor Sanjana Ganesan's latest Instagram post for V-day once again attracted trollers, but the presenter did not let it go without a savage confrontation

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Sports presenter and TV anchor Sanjana Ganesan received a body shaming comment on her latest Valentine's Day post shared with her cricketer husband Jasprit Bumrah. However, Ganesan known for her sassy-savage replies did not take it kindly and hit back the troller. 


Ganesan, who follows a huge fanbase on Instagram, was subjected to fat shaming for a Valentine's Day post. However, it was Ganesan's fiery reply that won hearts. The troll comment has now been deleted with many backing Ganesan.

Sanjana Ganesan Brutally Slams Troll Body Shaming Her With 'Moti'

On Monday, the popular Sports broadcaster Sanjana Ganesan was met with a fat-shaming troll when she shared a promotional post for Valentine's Day on her Instagram account. 

Wife of cricketer Jasprit Bumrah, the couple tied the knot in March 2021 and welcomed a son named Angad Jasprit Bumrah in September 2023. The new mom who has just given birth a few months back has taken a hiatus from her pinnacle career for the baby but is garnering huge popularity with her active presence on Instagram. 

Anchor who has gained widespread popularity from anchoring the Indian Premiere League (IPL) and has been a sports broadcaster both at home and on foreign grounds does not hesitate to dish out booming savage replies when it comes to trolling and is hailed for her no-nonsense attitude on the internet. 

Fat-Shaming Troll:


On a promotional post for Valentine's Day, an Instagram user commented under Ganesan's post "Bhabhi moti lag rahi hai" (She is looking a little fat) with laughing emoticons.

To which Ganesan did not hesitate to hit back with "School ki science textbook toh yaad hoti nahi hai tumse, bada auraton ke bodies ke baare mein comment kar raho ho. Bhaago yaha se." which can be loosely translated as "You cannot even remember school's science textbooks, but here you are daring to comment on female's body. Run Away." 

Her brutal reply was met with a lot of praise from many Instagram users hailing her for brutally confronting the troller. A user-backed Ganesan talking about the postpartum period writing: "Ab pregnancy k baad koi mota nhi hoga toh kya hoga Jo bhi comments kar rahe hai shyd unhone basic knowledge nhi pata hai ki post pregnancy haar koi mota hota hai and it's normal sab ek taraf bhabhi bol rahe hai aur ek taraf moti moti moti kar rahe hai a woman is always beautiful." 

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