Looking Back At Sanjana Ganesan's Time On Reality Show Splitsvilla

A recap of Sanjana Ganesan in Splitsvilla, her time as a contestant and why she quit the show halfway.

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Clips of sports presenter Sanjana Ganesan in Splitsvilla season 7 are going viral on the internet in the days following her marriage to fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah. Back in 2014, Ganesan was a prominent contestant on MTV's reality love show, ending her stint midway owing to an arm injury.


Amid a furore of rumours linking them together, Bumrah and Ganesan tied the knot earlier this month in Goa. See pictures here. "Steered by love, we have begun a new journey together. Today is one of the happiest days of our lives," they said.

The internet has for some reason taken to this viral video like nothing else recently. It's hard to say what's driving this massive interest except that Bumrah and Ganesan got married earlier this month. That said, we look at what made Sanjana Ganesan stand apart in Splitsvilla as an independent woman unafraid to speak up.

Sanjana Ganesan In Splitsvilla: Here's Taking A Look At Her Memorable Role On The Show

1. On Splitsvilla 7, Ganesan was considered one of the most headstrong, independent women, not shy of speaking her mind when the need arose. She was a reserved contestant, more so than others, and tried to maintain distance from controversy as much as possible.

2. During her time on the show, Ganesan was famously linked to model Ashwini Koul, whom she briefly dated. Simultaneous to endurance tasks, the aim of Splitsvilla is purportedly to bring couples together, and Ganesan and Koul's relationship was held up as one of the more successful unions on the show.


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3. Ganesan didn't complete the reality game due to an injury she sustained during one of the tasks mid-show. Her arm in a cast, she had announced she wanted to quit. Koul walked out of the show, hand-in-hand with Ganesan, saying he didn't want to continue without her. Ganesan came 17th in Splitsvilla that season.

Sanjana Ganesan in Splitsvilla clip goes viral. Watch ">here:  

4. After her exit, she returned for the season finale with other eliminated contestants to see the winners be declared. On that episode, Shravan (who was the elected 'king') passed a sexist remark at her, with suggestive sexual insinuations. Ganesan stood up to him and shut his comments down saying, "You are the most disgusting man I have come across in my entire life."

5. Ganesan hails from Pune and is a software engineer by education. She turned to fashion and modelling, becoming the Femina Miss India finalist and winner. Two years after Splitsvilla, she became a sports anchor. She hosts for Star Sports, and is a recognisable face during the IPL.

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