Six Time Grand Slam Winner Sania Mirza Plays Her Last Season

Sania Mirza retirement ,Sania Mirza in Wimbledon
Sania Mirza retirement announcement came on January 19 after she lost the women’s doubles at the Australian Open. The tennis player has ruled the fields for 20 years. She announced that the current season will be her last one.

Mirza lost in the first round of women’s doubles at the Australian Open on Wednesday. She made the announcement, “There’s a few reasons for it. It’s not as simple as ‘okay I’m not going to play’. I do feel my recovery is taking longer, I’m putting my 3-year-old son at risk by travelling so much with him, that’s something I have to take into account. I think my body is wearing down.” The iconic sportswoman had played her fourth Olympic tournament in 2021. She was seen tagging her son along with her.

While announcing her retirement, Mirza shared that her knee was really hurting during the match on January 19 and she thinks it is time for her to recover. She added, ” I have decided that this will be my last season. I am taking it week by week.”

Mirza started playing professional tennis some 20 years ago and became the first Indian female tennis player to have received the World Number 1 rank doubles. Her contribution to the sport has inspired many young women in India to take up the sport and achieve massive feats. She is the first woman from India to ever win a Grand Slam. Time and again, she has brought glory to her country by winning medals at prestigious sporting events.

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The tennis champion had gone on a maternity leave in 2018 and she only made her comeback in 2020. Mirza feels that the energy is not same anymore and there are more days that she doesn’t want to play anymore. She added, “I’ve always said that I will play until I enjoy that grind, the process which I’m not sure I’m enjoying as much anymore.”

Her announcement was received with respect by her admirers and sports enthusiasts on social media. They showered her with best wishes for the on-going season and recalled her achievements through the years. One user wrote, “Curtains come down on a great career at the end of 2022. Super Mom Sania Mirza confirms this is her last season on the tennis tour. An athlete I admire for her efforts, honesty. Watched her for over two decades. Role model, diva, great human..big list.”

Sania Mirza proved herself as one of the greatest sportswoman India has ever seen on numerous occasions. She is the winner of more than 270 Singles, over 500 wins in Doubles and she reached the fourth round at Rio Olympics. She was the former World Number 27 in Singles and has won more than 40 titles in Doubles.

One twitter user wrote, “This is going to be Sania Mirza’s final season on tour. Really, really hope she has a good 2022!” while another wrote, “Sania Mirza is easily one of India’s best sportspersons of all time. Hope she enjoys her tennis and remains injury-free in her final season. True gamechanger.”

When Mirza was going for her fourth Olympics, she had said, “I am in my 30s and I’m still here! I don’t really think too much about how long I will play.”