Woman Claiming To Be Samajwadi Leader’s Daughter-In-Law To Contest UP Election Against Him

roshanlal verma daughter in law
A woman who claims to be Samajwadi party leader Roshanla Verma daughter-in-law will participate in the UP election 2022 against the Samajwadi candidate. She filed her nomination on January 27 for justice to people harassed by Roshanlal.

Roshanlal Verma had grabbed eyeballs when he left BJP and joined the Samajwadi Party. He had won in the last elections as a BJP candidate and is now again in the limelight because of the claims and nomination of Roshanlal Verma daughter in law. The 33-year-old not only claimed to be the wife of Roshanlal’s deceased son but is also contesting elections against him as he harassed people in the past as a BJP member.

Roshanlal Verma Daughter In Law To Contest Elections

Sarita Yadav of Nigohi claimed that she is the wife of Vinod Verma, Roshanlal Verma’s son, who died in 2019. She says that she has gained a lot of support from the public of Tilhar constituency and will contest elections from the area as a Rashtriya Samaj Party candidate against her claimed father-in-law Roshanlal. Sarita Yadav accused Roshanlal Verma of harassing Yadav’s and Muslims when he was a BJP MLA. Roshanlal won the elections from Tilhar as a BJP candidate and will be contesting 2022 elections from the same constituency.

Meanwhile, Roshanlal has claimed that the woman’s allegations were false and she is only trying to hamper his public image. He reportedly said, “The woman who claims to be my daughter-in-law neither has any proof of marriage nor is known to the family. It is only to tarnish my image that she is calling herself my daughter-in-law and is contesting the election against me. It will have no impact on my image.”

Back in 2012, Sarita Yadav had imposed serious allegation on Tilhar MLA and his son including that of rape. As claimed by Avdhesh Singh, a counsel for the women, Sarita Yadav is the second wife of Vinod Verma while his first wife lives in MLA’s native place. Sarita was kicked out of the house after her husband’s death in 2019. In 2020, Sarita Yadav protested in front of the collectorate claiming that the police was not registering her complain of harassment against the Tilhar MLA.

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