Who Is Farah Naeem? UP Congress Candidate Quits After Controversial Remarks On Religion

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Farah Naeem is making headlines as she left her party, Congress on January 27 and accused one of the party leaders of character assassination. The allegations from the now-former Congress candidate and her resignation has put the political party and its image under fire.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi is campaigning and promoting the idea of women empowerment in Uttar Pradesh and has made women benefit as her agenda for UP election 2022. One of her own party members has accused another party member of making derogatory remarks on her religion and her character. The female member and election candidate, Farah Naeem, quit the Congress party ahead of the 2022 elections because of misbehaviour.

Who Is Farah Naeem?

Farah Naeem, the Muslim candidate who was contesting UP elections from Congress on the Shekhpur constituency filed her resignation on January 27. She accused party district president Onkar Singh of character assassination and passing indecent comment on her participation in elections. Farah alleged that the president alleged that she did “not have enough money to survive” and said that ” Muslim women should not get ticket and that I’m a characterless woman.”

Going ahead with her accusations, she also claimed that Onkar Singh threatened her and tried to block her election ticket as well. Hence, she cannot contest elections if he is still in the party. On asking if the reason of her resignation was Onkar’s comments on her, Farah Naeem said that Onkar Singh’s allegations hurt her and she decided to fight against such behaviour towards her and other women.

Meanwhile Farah praised Priyanka Gandhi’s efforts and initiative to make women safety and welfare an agenda in UP 2022 elections and said that her inspiration to fight against the injustice came from the Congress’s slogan for its women campaign, Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon.

Farah reportedly said in an interview, “Females are not safe in the Badaun unit of the party. The work that I have put in for my candidature and fought to get the ticket to contest the elections, Onkar Singh maligned my character to stop it. He said that Muslim women should not be given tickets. Congress needs the votes of every section and community of the society.”

Farah Naeem’s allegations are expected to have a negative effect on Congress’s image and election campaign in the 2022 UP elections. The party, under the guidance of the party General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi, is trying hard to win public and women support by releasing Pink manifesto and giving 40% election tickets to women contestants.

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