Rohini Sindhuri Violated Rules By Building Pool At Her Residence: Report

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Rohini Sindhuri IAS: Former Mysuru deputy commissioner Rohini Sindhuri was being investigated over a pool built in her official residence. GC Prakash, the Regional Commissioner of Myrsuru came up with his report and Sindhuri had not obtained permit for the construction of the pool.

Prakash’s report stated that Sindhuri had broken rules by having a pool built inside the Mysuru Deputy Commissioner’s residence, Jal Sannidhi which is a heritage property.

The report stated, “No letter or permission has been received from the Commissioner of Archeology and Heritage Department, Mysore for the construction of swimming pool and gym at the official residence of the Deputy Commissioner.” Sindhuri didn’t receive any administrative sanction for the same.

According to Prakash’s report, the proposal for the pool’s construction was made on December 30, 2020 and the work was done on February 26, 2021. The report noted that the approval for the pool was given in general body meeting of Nirmiti Kendra held on March 2, 2021.

This detail was in contrast with the statement given Sindhuri before who had called the contruction of pool a pilot project of the government by Nirmiti Kendra. The pool was not open to general public, the report noted. This concludes that the pool was not serving any public interest.

The investigation on the pool was ordered by Karnataka government earlier in June. The government officials had also raised objection on the indoor gym built in the official residence of the Deputy Commissioner. SR Mahesh, former minister, had raised several questions against the constructions on the property but Sindhuri had claimed that all the work was done legally.

This GC Prakash was told to submit a report within a week. This had come after Rohini Sindhuri had a public spat with another IAS officer, Shilpa Nag who was earlier serving as Mysuru City Corporation Commissioner (MCC). Nag and Sindhuri were later transferred. Rohini Sindhuri had requested the Chief Minister to reconsider her transfer order but he expressed regret.

Rohini Sindhuri made her statement after the report came out and said, “The detailed enquiry trying to cover widest breadth of even technical issues is welcome. I wish the same detail and comprehensiveness was shown in enquiry into irregularities on land by powerful politicians.

“Enquiry on land irregularities was restricted to single point at behest of persons accused of land irregularities despite clear cut list of multiple land irregularities cited by me as DC Mysuru,” she added.

Sindhuri said that the allegations made by SP Mahesh were found to be false in the report.