Writer Sues Reese Witherspoon, Claims ‘Gone Girl’ A Rip-Off

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Who doesn’t remember the movie “Gone Girl”? People loved the movie which was a thriller through and through. Actress Reese Witherspoon received numerous awards for producing the 2014 film. But now, she is being sued by a writer who claims “Gone Girl” is a rip-off of a screenplay written by her, reports tmz.com.

Leslie Weller filed a lawsuit claiming that she penned a screenplay first and called it “Out of the Blue” back in 2005. According to her, she had sent a copy to a script consultant and thus it was stolen later. Weller claims the book “Gone Girl”, which was released in 2012, is a scam as it was ripped off her original screenplay.

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Weller also pointed out a few similarities between both the copies, especially the subject of a married couple’s troubled relationship. She also found other resemblances like a naive housewife and how at the end she turned out to be a psychopath who trapped her husband.


The suit alleges “striking, substantial and numerous similarities” between “Out of the Blue” and “Gone Girl”, including that “both focus on a married couple’s relationship. From the reader’s perspective, the wife has been injured or has potentially died in an unexpected incident. The reader learns of the couple’s life together that led up to the incident”.

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“They both contain a key twist where the wife is not the nice, normal, and somewhat naive housewife and is in fact a psychopath who sets up her husband,” Weller added

Witherspoon produced the film “Gone Girl”, which was authored by Gillian Flynn. Along with Witherspoon, Weller has sued Flynn and director David Fincher.

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