Adam Sandler Draws Flak For Touching Actress’s Knee On TV Show

Adam Sandler faces outrage

Hollywood star Adam Sandler is facing criticism after a video on social media went viral. In the video, he is seen to be repeatedly touching actress Claire Foy during a chat on the “The Graham Norton Show”. While the video is making rounds online, it is evidently appearing that the actress is left feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed by Sandler’s behaviour.

Watch the clip here:

In the episode aired on Friday night (Oct 27), Sandler is repeatedly seen touching Foy’s knee. While she is seen to make conscious efforts to remove his hand, Sandler doesn’t seem to get the message

While everyone on and off camera sensed the awkwardness, Sandler kept up his obnoxious behaviour, reports Dailymail.

Actress Emma Thompson, who was a guest on the show too, was shocked to see Sandler’s behaviour throughout.  Wait, the show’s not over yet! Sandler even touched Thompson’s leg.

Naturally, there was outrage on social media.

While the controversy of the year — the Harvey Weinstein scandal — continues to unfold, the inappropriate gesture from the comedian (51) on the Graham Norton Show was criticized widely.

The American actor was seen putting his hand on the knee of the British actress (33) who has been pretty vocal during the Weinstein scandal. She had called the movie producer a ‘predator’ and said such behaviour was ‘endemic’ in Hollywood.

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On Sunday (Oct 29), a spokeswoman for Foy said, “We don’t believe anything was intended by Adam’s gesture and it has caused no offence to Claire.”

On the other hand, a representative for Sandler claimed that the actor was expressing ‘a friendly gesture’ that had been ‘blown out of proportion’.

Despite the explanations, the video makes it rather obvious that both actresses were feeling awkward. Such behaviour should not be tolerated!

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Feature Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

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