Ranchi To Witness First All-Women Car Rally On March 26

The people of Ranchi will soon get to experience the city's first all-women car rally. An NGO, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Udaan, is organising the women's car rally on March 26 in collaboration with the Ranchi Adventure Wheelers (RAW) and the Ranchi Club.

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Ranchi's first all-women car rally to be held in March

The people of Ranchi will soon get to experience the city's first all-women car rally.


An NGO, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Udaan, is organising the women's car rally on March 26 in collaboration with the Ranchi Adventure Wheelers (RAW) and the Ranchi Club.

As exciting as it sounds, this powerhouse initiative is a continuation of a past event, called 'Women's say'.

What could be a better gift to women in the International Women's month than giving them the freedom to choose the dusty roads while India is slowly and steadily heading towards women's empowerment.  Udaan is giving women wings to conquer a male dominated area -- car rally.

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Abha Bhandari, vice-president of the organization said, "RAW has an experience of hosting not only national events but also international rallies and they will help us organize the rally. We will choose a time and get in touch with authorities so that neither the traffic is disrupted, nor the daily commuters are troubled because of it. The event is going to be about the spirit of adventure and fun," TOI reports.

The JCI members said this rally’s crucial mission is to be the biggest event of the state and to spread the empowering message. The members also announced attractive prizes for the winners.


Binita Jain, who is set to participate in the event, said, "It is an opportunity for women to break the monotonous routine of every day and try something new. Everyone is very charged up and competitive now. I am sure we will be able to prove that women are also good drivers. Those who are interested can collect forms of the event from all the Suvidhaa outlets, Auto Wing on Kanke Road and the members of Udaan."

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Reportedly, the main aim behind conducting this mega event is to widen the car rally space for women. Go for it, girls!

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