Rajasthan’s E-Sakhi Programme For Digital Literacy: Things To Know

Rajasthan e-sakhi digital literacy

Rajasthan’s e-sakhi programme is a step towards making every individual in the state digitally literate. The scheme would also benefit several women in the state. The initiative has been initiated by Department of Information Technology & Communication (DoIT&C) and implemented by the Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited. Women volunteers, or e-sakhis, will be trained in digital literacy.

Once trained, these sakhis would help other individuals, including women to understand the internet technology and its uses. Through the course of it, the programme would harness the state’s female population’s power in spreading digital awareness.

Bridging the digital gap

The scheme would ideally bridge the digital gap seen between urban and rural areas. Individuals would be better equipped to use the internet for access to public welfare schemes and e-governance initiatives.

At least 1.5 lakh women will be trained as part of the programme. From every village, at least four to five women will be trained who will further train at least  100 other villagers. It is estimated that the programme will cover 1.5 crore households in the state. Interestingly, women will lead the way towards digital empowerment in the state

“eSakhi will not only train people on how to use important services or IT applications of the state government but also ensure that in the coming days every trained person can access digital services using his or her own mobile or e-Mitra kiosk,” said Akhil Arora, principal secretary, DoIT&C to TOI.

Eligibility to become an e-sakhi

Any female in the age group of 18 to 35 who has passed class XII is eligible to become an e- sakhi volunteer. They must have a Bhamashah ID as well. Bhamashah is another scheme implemented earlier in the state for women’s empowerment. Women who want to be e-sakhis can apply online using their official app or website.

“About 35,000 women have downloaded the app which can be used to apply for an eSakhi. We have laid out a process for selection. Once selected, they will be given training which will start in the next 15 days,” said a top official in DoIT&C to TOI.

The effective implementation of this programme will encourage women’s empowerment in the state. The state has previously seen various cases of dowry deaths, female foeticide and other crimes against women. With 35,000 women volunteers already drawn to the e-sakhi scheme, it may provide a huge impetus to women’s empowerment in the state.

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