Probe Against Saudi Women Reporter For Wearing “Indecent Clothes”

Probe Against Saudi Women Reporter

A Saudi Arabian reporter has been pulled up by the authorities for wearing “Indecent Clothes” while reporting. She was reporting on the end of the ban on women driving. She has reportedly left the country amidst the chaos and criticism.

Shireen al-Rifaie garnered criticism from arch-conservatives on social media, with the Arabic hashtag “naked woman driving in Riyadh” becoming viral, reported NDTV. Shireen al-Rifaie from Saudi Arabia is a presenter with Dubai-based Al Aan T.

She was seen wearing a loose headscarf and a partly open gown that revealed her trousers and a blouse in the video which started the controversy.

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The Kingdom’s General Authority for Audiovisual Media said that they pointed out Rifaie to the authorities as she was “violating regulations and instructions.” However, she has waived off the allegations and has told the news website Ajel that she was wearing “decent clothes.”

Restricting women for decades

Saudi Arabia is known to one of the world’s most conservative countries. The kingdom recently lifted the ban on female drivers but there is still a lot which needs to be done to help empower women in the country.

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The women there have to wear body-shrouding abaya robes in public. This is not the first time instances like these have taken place in the country. The head of Saudi’s entertainment authority was dismissed after a circus woman wearing skin-tight leotards attracted criticism from conservatives.

A female fitness centre was shut down as a promotional video had apparently shown a woman in figure-hugging gym clothes. The sports authority in the country had apologised as a promotional video of WWE event had shown scantily clad female wrestlers.

Picture credit: middleeastmonitor.com

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