Saudi Arabia Replaces Models With Hangers In Fashion Show

Ria Das
Jun 08, 2018 09:45 IST
Saudi Arabia Replaced Woman Model

In a bid to make life a wee bit shocking for Saudi’s women, the kingdom has now crossed every line and lived up to its gender parity expectation to the fullest.


Jina, a Kurdish woman, shared this video on Twitter with the caption, “I’m dying at this fashion show in Saudi, they weren’t allowed, female models”.

Watch the video here:

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And folks, her reaction wasn’t overrated as the organisers of a fashion show in the country thought it’d be hilarious to replace its women models with clothes on hangers suspended on a cable


It is rather unsettling to see a fashion show which denies actual women models but since any fashion show is incomplete without women, they chose to put clothes exhibited ‘in air’. This video has gone viral.

The deeply conservative Muslim kingdom still denies women access. So instead of female models walking the ramp, the organisers replaced them with hangers

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Since the video has gone viral, some of the reactions her post garnered have made us realize the ground reality:

The country has numerous gender inequality rules. However, since 2017, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been pushing the government to lift the ban as part of several ambitious economic and social reforms. He has been striving to provide fundamental rights to women. In such a scenario, having hangers in place of women models does seem strange!

Feature Image Credit: Jina / Twitter

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