Pro-immigrant Direct Action To Break Out In USA

Donald Trump, US presidential candidate

 Through the last week, something critical has occurred in the US political climate. It can be timed with the recording of migrant children going viral. The infamous recording consisted of children crying for their parents after being ripped from their arms along with the widely spread photographs of children being kept in cages. The reaction to Trump’s family separation policy, and his administration’s strategy for indefinite immigrant incarceration, is stimulating people to retaliate in a way that hasn’t happened yet — specifically, with mass direct action.

The degree of protest under Trump, yet, has undoubtedly been extraordinary. Crowd Counting Consortium researchers have recorded over 20,000 individual demonstrations between January 2017 and May 2018. The number of people involved is estimated to be between 11 million and 16 million citizens. That’s more people protesting than the most turbulent years of the Vietnam antiwar movement.

Crowd Counting Consortium researchers have recorded over 20,000 individual demonstrations from January 2017 to May 2018.

Furthermore, with protests being staged in documented numbers of locations around the states it’s not just the dimension of these displays that’s been unparalleled, it is also their reach.

An important day of action against Trump’s immigration policies is intended for this Saturday, June 30. It would include more than 600 protests being conducted all around the country, covering more than 80 per cent of the nation.

So far, the protests against Trump have included marches and rallies which have been legal and permitted events. There has been little evidence of nonviolent direct action under the current US President, but it’s been fairly uncommon and small in size, chiefly in relation to the vast amount of citizens on the streets. Though the resistance has been colossal, its temperament has been mild.

It’s unexpectedly ramping up as a large number of people are now prepared to do more than just protest. With direct action, as with every other aspect of the people’s opposition to Donald Trump, women are again taking the lead.

Parents along with children, consisting mostly of mothers have invaded the offices of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, in New York and Chicago. They have condemned family separation and detention. More of these “play date protests” and “nurse inns” are planned around the country for the approaching days. A group of 50 moms also held a “nurse-in” outside ICE’s New Jersey headquarters.

A large number of women have committed to engage in civil disobedience against Trump’s immigration policies in Washington, D.C. this week, in a major action being synchronized by the Women’s March and the Center for Popular Democracy.

The signup numbers are not yet released publicly, but the action is turning out to be by far the largest direct action against Trump. And it might as well be the largest women’s direct action in US history predict various reports.

Also, the youth-led immigrant rights group ‘United We Dream‘ is planning a direct action for Thursday in the edging town of Tornillo, Texas, where immigrant children are being held. And the Latinx support group Mijente is planning a chief direct action at the border near San Diego next Monday, July 2.

Democratically and politically much of the conflict to Trump has been fixed on electing Democrats to the office this November. But the crisis around the family separation policy and detention has emphasized that electoral work alone isn’t ample to oppose an all-out attack on democratic standards and basic moulds of human decorum. The abrupt rise in direct action has already drawn attention. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who issued a warning over the weekend against these protests. But the warning is unlikely to discourage the women and men who have reached their threshold, and all the signs indicate that the resistance will only grow.

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Apoorva Lamba is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv     

Picture Credit: breitbart.com